Nitrozac and Snaggy's Abacus World Expo

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There's an exciting lineup at this year's Expo!
  • Keynotes by the cartoon representations of Steve Jobs, Linus Torvalds, and more!
  • Real live chat sessions by Roblimo, Richard Stallman, Hemos, BeDope's Mike Popovic, Eric S. Raymond, and others!
  • Exiting new abacus product announcements by innovative companies such as Be and TransMeta! Stay tuned for details!
  • And of course the parties...

Cartoon Keynotes include:

IRC Chats:

  • Thursday, October 7th:
    Rob (Roblimo) Miller: An Abacus on the cheap! Chat took place October 7th, 9PM Eastern. Thanks Roblimo, what a great time we had!
    Here's the logs!

  • Friday, October 8th:
    Be Dope's Mike Popovic gave an AWE-mazing performance at his BeOS Abacus Keynote Presentation: The Power of Pervasive Multi-Beading, Friday, October 8th, 9 pm Eastern, 6pm (PDT). Check out the log!

  • Saturday, October 9th:
    Richard Stallman gave a very funny irc keynote Saturday at 8:30PM Eastern! Miss the keynote? Here's the logs!

  • Sunday Night, October 10th:
    A fine Abacus World Expo Tradition continued with Nitrozac's AWE Hootnanny
    around the fire on in #aftery2k!

  • Hemos thrilled the crowded virtual auditorium with his humor, wit, and irresistible charm live from Atlanta Linux Showcase! (irc.slashnetorg, #aftery2k.) Check out the logs!

    The one, the only, the Hemos!

  • Joe Pranevich from Linux Today was in irc Friday, October 22, 9PM eastern (, #aftery2k.), Check out his paper! And be sure to check out his submission... Wonderful World of Linux 3.0 (10/18/00) "AWE Edition".

  • October 31st...
    Nitrozac and special guest Eric Raymond were at the After Y2K Halloween Bash!

Getting to Abacus World Expo IRC Chats:
Attend the conference virtually. Here's the details:

  • Network: SLASHNet (more info:
  • Channel: #AfterY2K
  • IRC Clients for various operating systems.
  • BeOS IRC Clients: Download
  • If you have never used an IRC client before, it is recommended for your sanity that you download, setup and test a client ahead of time.

Special Appearences:
There's always a surprise guest or two! You never know who will show up at an Abacus World Expo!

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