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Does your company have a post-apocalyptic product or service? ;-)
Does it have a great sense of humour?

Sponsor Abacus World Expo! Join Nitrozac in poking a little fun at our technologically obsessed world.

There are two types of sponsorship! The free way involves just emailing us your company logo, or pointing us in the right direction, then we'll add it to this page. Get creative! (A link back to After Y2K is also most appreciated!) Please note: this offer is now over, you missed out bub!

However, if you're really forward thinking, how about a getting a "Platinum Abacus Sponsorship", which includes banner ads on this site and on After Y2K, as well as a write-up? It's a way to help Nitrozac continue doing such great work, as well as exposing your company or your services to thousands of the Net's finest geeks daily. The rates are extremely reasonable ($5 per CPM) and there really isn't a cooler place to show your corporate spirit! Email Snaggy for more details!

I mean, just try and imagine an Internet without Nitrozac and Snaggy... a very non-funny future indeed!

So far, there are no Platinum Abacus Sponsors of Abacus World Expo.
Can you believe it? What's this world coming to?

Now's your chance to be first sponsor!
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