Nitrozac and Snaggy's Abacus World Expo

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Roblimo at AWE!
The logs from Roblimo's Abacus World Expo keynote chat...
<roblimo> Well, anyway, IBM is always claiming they have better/faster/smaller memory devices.
<roblimo> But I have developed a persistent memory for Abacuses!
<Zilo> microbeads
<RinkRabbit> I like the paradox in how it's bigger AND smaller :)
<roblimo> No, not microbeads.
<roblimo> Velcro flip-flops.
<Nitrozac> Velcro to the rescue!
<greycat> oooooooh
<roblimo> Anybody here old enough to remember flip-flop gates?
<zedboy> we learned about those last lecture in 18-240
<Nitrozac> Gate's flip flops?
<Saxgod> roblimo: you mean in Rocky's Boots?
<roblimo> Okay. I have no idea what (if anything) you yung'uns learn these days.
<roblimo> No, memory flip-flops. Like in a DEC PDP-4.
<maswan> roblimo?:? hardware is evil and should be emulated.
<Saxgod> How about CMOS clocked dynamic gate systems?
<greycat> roblimo: we covered flip-flops in college, but I wasn't paying close attention at the time
<NitroBot> Here's your scotch on the rocks chromatic.
<zedboy> we use flip flops to make our FSMs
<Nitrozac> hehe
<Otter> I built a flip-flop with my Radio Shack 150-in-1 kit
<chromatic> I wore flip flops at the beach when I was young.
<Otter> Does that qualify me for geek status?
<greycat> otter: yes
<roblimo> Well, I took the concept of the flip-flop -- which is an AND or NAND gate hed in position by a persistently applied current...
<roblimo> ..which is what we used to use for RAM in pre-uP days...
<zedboy> we make our registers out of flip-flops too. of course, we then simulate it on an FPGA ....
<Otter> Just saw a "graphite" iMac commercial...
<roblimo> ...and applied it to *real* flip-fl0ps of the beach variety, and used Velcro instead of electricity to hold their states.
<chromatic> Wow! Organic computers!
<RinkRabbit> heh
<chromatic> Doesn't require refining the raw silicon, either!
* greycat resembles an organic computer
<roblimo> Exactly! Organic computers! No silicon needed. Powered by toe-jam.
<zedboy> roblimo: propogation delays may be somewhat higher than in the silicon days....
<zedboy> but if you're wearing flip-flops, you're not generally in a hurry...
<roblimo> So who cares about propogation delays? We're talking abacuses here.
<Saxgod> ...unless you are getting another Corona...
<zedboy> "bead-slide delays"
<RinkRabbit> Pace of life is slower without us having to keep up w/ computers so we don' need to worry too much 'bout propogation delays
<roblimo> Remember, sometimes it's better to be slow and accurate than fast and sloppy.
<roblimo> Xackly!
<zedboy> my 18-240 professor Dr. Thomas designs theoretical 4-dimensional hyperabacuses ... of course, very little practical application.
<chromatic> Too bad the memory state has a tidal refresh phase.
<NitroBot> Here's your port BeDope.
<roblimo> Oh, I don't know. Wouldn't a theoretical 4-dimensional Chinese accountant want a 4-dimensional abacus?
<chromatic> I think he'd have to be 5-dimensional to use it.
<zedboy> Everyone knows that dragons don't exist.
<zedboy> But while this simplistic
<zedboy> formulation may satisfy the layman, it does not suffice for the scientific
<zedboy> mind.
<Byzantine> What would you do with a four-dimensional abacus?
<roblimo> We have, however, discovered a few bugs in the Velcro-enhanced flip-flops: sand fleas!
<Nitrozac> but, can it fly?
*** Snaggy has joined #AfterY2K
<zedboy> The School of Higher Neantical Nillity is in fact wholly unconcerned
<zedboy> with what does exist
<chromatic> Whoa. An alien cowgirl.
<BeDope> is there a Norton anti-sand flea system?
<NitroBot> Here's your vodka and cranberry snaggy.
<zedboy> Indeed, the banality of existence has been
<zedboy> so amply demonstrated, there is no need for us to discuss it any further
<zedboy> here.
<Grommit> here is farm land.....rain and sun
<Snaggy> Gulp Gulp
<roblimo> I have never personally seen a non-existent dragon, so I can't say for sure that dragons don't exist.
<zedboy> The brilliant Cerebron, attacking the problem analytically,
<zedboy> discovered three distinct kinds of dragon: the mythical, the chimerical,
<zedboy> and the purely hypothetical.
<chromatic> I ate a Vorlon, once.
<zedboy> They were all, one might say, nonexistent,
<zedboy> but each nonexisted in an entirely different way ...
<zedboy> -- Stanislaw Lem, "Cyberiad"
<zedboy> <sorry>
* greycat loved Cyberiad :-)
<maswan> chromatic?:? There is no Vorlon.
<roblimo> Now, a nonexistent abacus is an interesting possibility...
<BeDope> depending how it nonexisted
<zedboy> I actually do have a honest-to-God paper copy of the book.
<roblimo> Eaxactly!
<zedboy> you need nonexistent abacuses
<zedboy> to do math on imaginary numbers
<Nitrozac> nonexistent sounds good...
<zedboy> everyone knows that.
*** Zilo has quit IRC (Ping timeout?)
<greycat> zedboy: I have one somewhere, but I haven't seen it in over a decade
<roblimo> With different states of non-existence, its calculational powers would be greatly extended.
<Saxgod> So how many people here have an abacus?
<zedboy> greycat: i would learn polish just to read it in the original. i've read one or two of lem's other books....quite good.
<zedboy> Saxgod: just one of those keychain abacus PDAs
<maswan> zedboy?:? imaginary numbers exist.
<roblimo> I have an abacus. And a slide rule too. I don't really trust all this newfangled electric computer stuff.
<BeDope> i have an old eniac abacus in my garage
* CowboyNeal uses a Turing machine.
<roblimo> ...and I have a touring car.
<Snaggy> Snaggy uses fingers
<zedboy> CowboyNeal: i heartily recommend gturing.
*** Zilo has joined #AfterY2K
<RinkRabbit> woo! Turing machine!
*** tmr sets mode: +o Zilo
<Saxgod> rob: I've got both, too. I keep them next to my 14" 10Mb hard drive platter.
<roblimo> Fingers are good. A mature technology (at least if you're *my* age!)
<chromatic> I have a Laser Printer hooked up to my abacus at work.
<roblimo> Laser printers are okay, but I have a graphology-based PDA.
<chromatic> I have one of those, too.
<roblimo> Wetware driven?
*** makhomenos has joined #aftery2k
<makhomenos> hello all
<roblimo> See, I'm so old, I remember when we had to squeeze the ink bottles on our inkjet printers by hand...
[makhomenos:#aftery2k PING]
<roblimo> ...and make all the little dots one at a time.
<greycat> roblimo: the only printer I own is a dot matrix...
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o makhomenos
<makhomenos> be right back
<Nitrozac> hi mak
*** makhomenos has quit IRC (xchat exiting..?)
<maswan> PONG
<RinkRabbit> 'lo mak
<roblimo> I used to have a dot matrix, but I got tired of banging the pen up and down all the time.
*** Snaggy has quit IRC (Ping timeout?)
<Saxgod> There any tech-talking babes around here?
<roblimo> A new cartoon character: "Ping Timeout"
<greycat> saxgod: nitrozac is here!
<Saxgod> babe++
*** Myriad has joined #AfterY2K
* zedboy concurs w/greycat
*** Snaggy has joined #AfterY2K
<roblimo> My wife is nearby, but she's not paying attention.
<RinkRabbit> Tho' Nitrozac goes even beyond TTB
*** Byzantine has left #AfterY2K
<roblimo> I think 'Zac has a s-e-x-y voice!
<Snaggy> Is she wearing Spock ears?
<roblimo> No, it's my wife who has the Spock ears.
<Nitrozac> thanks roblimo!
<chromatic> You married Spock?
<RinkRabbit> woo
<Snaggy> she's such a TTB!
<roblimo> No, I married Debbie.
<chromatic> Debbie Spock?
<RinkRabbit> hehe.. Spock a TTB.. hrm.. interresting..
<Snaggy> Debbie is a old Vulcan name isn't it?
<chromatic> The name of his new biography is "I am Not Male"
<zedboy> i think he's got the 'TT' part down...i dunno about the 'B'
<RinkRabbit> Guess Spock must've spent some time in Sweeden
<roblimo> Debbie Griner when I met her, Debbie Miller two years later.
<Nitrozac> how did you meet?
<Snaggy> Debbie of Borg, 2 years from now
*** makhomenos has joined #aftery2k
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o makhomenos
<makhomenos> re
<roblimo> In a coffe shop. I told her she was cute. She was, too.
<chromatic> Borg's running out of numbers, but doesn't want to go to IPv6, Snaggy?
<Nitrozac> so that worked, cool
<roblimo> It's easy to meet wimmins. Really.
* chromatic takes notes.
<RinkRabbit> heh.. I'll have to remember that
<chromatic> Coffee. Brilliant!
<makhomenos> Easy to meet wimmins. Harder to get dates :).
<Zilo> tmr?:? are there cable modem problems or is it just my %#@ing winmodem?
<makhomenos> (hehehe)
<zedboy> at CMU part a) is hard enough. part b) is much worse....
<roblimo> Just walk up to one,. tell her she's pretty, imply that you want to sleep with her. Nothing to it.
<chromatic> WinModem! FillOutSurvey!
<RinkRabbit> Unfortunately that'd never work for me 'cause I'm too shy irl.
<tmr_> zilo: its just you =)
* RinkRabbit screams an' runs to hide at mention of the evil WinModem.
<makhomenos> WinModem? Here at the Linux General Store, we've got our very own Winmodem Repair Tool (TM)
<makhomenos> (nb- it's an axe handle)
<roblimo> Well, go up to the girl and *stutter* at her. Wimmins cut guys a lot of slack if they think we're sincere.
* makhomenos has gotten in his mandatory plug for the night
<Nitrozac> roblimo, you just told them how to meet wimmins and they can't stop talking about modems!
* chromatic is good at being sincere. No, really! Seriously! Is not kidding!
<Zilo> tmr_?:? damn hotel phone lines. :)
<RinkRabbit> heheh
* Myriad laughs
<roblimo> 'Zac, that's why these clowns are unlikely to reproduce.
<makhomenos> chromatic: another thing I might try, besides working on the sincerity ;) is looking for wimmins outside of CMU
<BeDope> nitro: i think you've hit the root of the problem
<Zilo> Nitrozac?:? I've been disconnected about 10 times in the last 5 minutes, doesn't matter if it's women or mdoems :)
<zedboy> wait ... women aren't interested in modems?
<greycat> nitrozac: I'm already married, so I can talk about modems all I like
<makhomenos> It's not like you're at Purdue and in the middle of nowhere; you're in Pitsburgh :) (spelling?)
<RinkRabbit> I can only think of a few women who are interrested in modems. Wish I could find more.
<Nitrozac> no, geeks are more interested in modems than wimmins
<roblimo> I've heard there are wimmins in Pittsburgh. Fat ones, but still female. :)
<makhomenos> I could care less about modems
<RinkRabbit> modems an' wimmins together would be a nice combo :)
<zedboy> "No, Liz, I do not love that computer more than you"
<makhomenos> Public key encryption algorithms are another matter.
<zedboy> "_That_ computer"
<Snaggy> anyone tried those new abacus modem?
<roblimo> My Debbie is using *her* modem right now - and ignoring me!
<makhomenos> Snaggy: two tin cans connected by wire? I love 'em!!
<BeDope> snaggy: i couldn't slide the beads far enough down the telco wire
<zedboy> <thinks> "please don't ask about the laptop!"
<Nitrozac> roblimo put on your Kingon suit!
<greycat> zedboy: "... please don't ask about the laptop..."
<roblimo> (never should have got her a cable modem...)
<greycat> zedboy: darn, you typed faster than I could
<Zilo> you know, I'm sure there's a way to use two cups, a string, and beads to do a binary data transfer
<RinkRabbit> hehe
<Snaggy> you've gotta be uphill fron the reciever
<makhomenos> ok, so what's this I hear about a drink-serving NitroBot?
<zedboy> greycat: man, I love my laptop a _lot_
<roblimo> (never should have assigned her to freshmeat...0
*** Otter has quit IRC (xchat exiting..?)
<RinkRabbit> NitroBot: give rinkrabbit a drink
<NitroBot> Here's your Hard Lemonade rinkrabbit.
<NitroBot> Here's your Beer makhomenos.
<NitroBot> Here's your Beer makhomenos.
<makhomenos> kewl
<roblimo> Yes, my wife does data entry for &
<chromatic> Hmm.... maybe I'll have to hang out somewhere else than the Modem bar.
<makhomenos> Nitrobot: give me a cider? :)
<NitroBot> Here's your Beer snaggy.
<NitroBot> Here's your Schnapps me.
<tmr_> makhomenos: your flooded now..
<makhomenos> rats
*** `gypsy has joined #AfterY2K
<roblimo> I took a nice, pleasant, sweet artist-girl and turned her loose on Linux software. (Sigh)
<RinkRabbit> 'lo `gyp
<`gypsy> hi
<Zilo> wow, looks like this connection is stable
<Snaggy> glug, glug
<chromatic> Hi 'gypsy!
<roblimo> I used to have a connection in a stable too.
<Nitrozac> roblimo does she like GNU-Linux?
<zedboy> Zilo: where are you?
<`gypsy> uhm hi
* chromatic is watching TV as well because he is addicted to "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
<roblimo> Debbie doesn't know much about GNU/Linux. Yet. She's learning.
<makhomenos> roblimo: or is she one of those avant-guarde OpenBSD or GNU/Hurd gals?
<RinkRabbit> roblimo: You should mass-produce TTBs an' market 'em
<roblimo> It's hard to find people who can maintain a database correctly. Picky work.
<Nitrozac> I bet she'd looooove a Mac
<Saxgod> What is her favorite flavor computer?
<Snaggy> For those who NEED to know.... Quickpoll at 696
<RinkRabbit> A Mac running 'nux :P~~
*** itp has quit IRC ([x]chat?)
<roblimo> Yeah, yeah, Debbie's love a Mac. But they're *expensive!*
<Nitrozac> maybe an iBook?!
<tmr_> Nitrobot: page status.
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<tmr_> snaggy: ^
<tmr_> =)
<roblimo> Debbie's attitude toward computers is like mine: they're tools.
<chromatic> Hey, that's my attitude toward Interns!
<RinkRabbit> lol
<Nitrozac> Abacus as Tools
<RinkRabbit> Well at least your atitude toward interns isn't the same as _some_ peoples'
<roblimo> Does your intern like your tool? That's the question here in the DC area.
<RinkRabbit> Tho' that's certainly not my attitude toward computers.
<`gypsy> heh
<makhomenos> oh gods.......
<zedboy> hey, everyone, poll! abacuses: tools or toys?
<zedboy> i vote toy.
<RinkRabbit> both :)
* makhomenos gets very weird images of Monica.............and the Newtie Cutie............
<makhomenos> toy
<chromatic> My intern actually organized my tool cabinet. Now all of the screwdriver bits are in order!
* makhomenos loves to fiddle with his abacus
<roblimo> Debbie still uses Windows most of the time, but is getting tired of the constant crashing. We're converting her to Linux slowly.
* makhomenos ducks as some old lady with a dirty mind smaks him on the head with her purse
<RinkRabbit> hehe
<roblimo> Find a woman your own age who wants to fiddle with your abacus.
<Nitrozac> Does Debbie like BeOS?
<roblimo> More fun that way.
<roblimo> Debbie has never tried BeOS.
* Saxgod waves his Abacus (and his rather impressive Slide Rule)
<makhomenos> Not too many 20something women into abacuses.
<makhomenos> At least in Georgia.
<RinkRabbit> Prolly even fewer 18 y/o women into abacuses.. heh
<roblimo> I don't choose wimmins by their OS preference.
<makhomenos> I hear the abacus scene is really happening in Tibet though.
<Nitrozac> Debbie should try it! I think she'd like it! :)
<BeDope> be sure she tunes into the BeOS Abacus presentation tmw night rob ;)
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<zedboy> i've said it before and i'll say it again: english majors, all the way.
<roblimo> somebody could always (hint) send us a review copy of BeOS.
<makhomenos> OH yeah, that reminds me, who do I have to kill to get a booth at the Abacus Showcase? :)
*** Pyr has joined #aftery2k
<roblimo> Psych majors are nice.
<roblimo> Debbie has a psych degree.
<Saxgod> Psych majors have issues. I'm dealing with one now...
<`gypsy> english majors suck
<Zilo> hey pyr
<RinkRabbit> But are they good at it, `gyp?
<Nitrozac> hi pyr
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<RinkRabbit> I'd like a math major.. heh
<roblimo> some psych majors suck, too.
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Pyr
<Pyr> Hey
<makhomenos> I dated a polisci major. Who was studying to be a school teacher. Sadly, we had mutually exclusive goals.
<Zilo> I'm in San Diego right now
* Saxgod 's Psych major just went back for English. What am I thinking.
<roblimo> But in the words of the immortal Lenny Bruce...
* `gypsy is an archie major
* tmr_ need to see why nitrobot missread the page size....
<roblimo>, I'd better not. Some of you are *young*!
<makhomenos> <-- majored in Doom
<roblimo> I majored in sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll.
*** HitMan200 has joined #AfterY2K
<Pyr> damn.. I gotta get me a better sound system
<makhomenos> What, too young to remember Lenny Bruce's prison movie skit?
<roblimo> And killing. I never went to college. Joined the Army.
* maswan is going for a masters degree in math.. :)
<Pyr> if I only every listened to music
<roblimo> See, all of you know more than I do.
<`gypsy> what level are you in right now maswan?
<Snaggy> I majored in chasity
<makhomenos> maswan: pure, applied, financial, or statistical?
<Pyr> math is fun.
<roblimo> Snaggy: pure, applied, financial, or statistical?
* chromatic has at least one degree in Music Performance.
<Nitrozac> say it ROblimo!
<maswan> makhomenos?:? I'm more interested in pure math.. but it is a combined study-program this far..
* makhomenos laughs
<Snaggy> statistical, is there any other?
<maswan> `gypsy?:? I'm in my second year at the university of Umeå.
<RinkRabbit> Most people irl decide I'm insane when they discover I like math
* `gypsy loves math
<Snaggy> top of the class
<roblimo> Hell, I don't know. I don;t remember what it was like to be a virgin.
<makhomenos> I prefered applied chastity, but alas, ended up in pure chastity.
<`gypsy> taking calc one right now.... loads of fun
<Nitrozac> any virgins here?
<Snaggy> until that warm summer night...
<HitMan200> I'm a second year pure The only other !!
<RinkRabbit> calc is very fun :P
<makhomenos> Eventually I dropped that for physics and math.
* `gypsy is a virgin - a virgo
* maswan doesn't like calculus, more discreete mathematics.. and abstract algebra.. those kinds of maths are more fun. :)
* RinkRabbit is
<BeDope> nitro: why, is there an angry volcano nearby?
* chromatic would admit to that.
<Saxgod> brb
*** Saxgod has quit IRC
<maswan> Nitrozac?:? yes. me.
<RinkRabbit> lol bedope
<makhomenos> maswan: so you know what's purple and commutes, right?
<Zilo> yep.
<maswan> makhomenos?:? eh, no? :)
<roblimo> I'll bite. What?
<Nitrozac> bedope, roblimo said he didn't rmembr...
<tmr_> mak: LOL!
<Snaggy> happy volcanoes love virgins too
<makhomenos> An abelian grape.
<maswan> makhomenos?:? hehe
<Zilo> tmr_?:? are you semi-afk?
<zedboy> makhomenos: a very very very old math joke....
* RinkRabbit doesn't quite fit in w/ other rabbits.. heh..
<RinkRabbit> Math joke? What math joke?
<tmr_> zilo: yep gona go home in 20 min so I'll really be away =(
<maswan> makhomenos?:? I might have heard it some time ago, but that was some time ago..
<Zilo> tmr_?:? ok. I'll be back on Monday.
<roblimo> Q: What's worse than engineering jokes? A: math jokes.
<`gypsy> A: bad math jokes
<Pyr> HA HA HA. *loves math jokes*
<tmr_> A: Syntax jokes.
<RinkRabbit> *loves math anything*
<zedboy> roblimo: i disagree. the jokes in my ECE class are _terrible_
*** Felinoid has joined #aftery2k
<RinkRabbit> A: Syntax errors ;)
<NitroBot> Here's your Hard Lemonade pyr.
<makhomenos> I remember the guy who told me that joke first........"You whippersnappers couldn't integrate a f***ing polynomial........without a Pentium II supercomputer with commercial math libraries and graphical interpreters............
<RinkRabbit> 'lo felinoid
<roblimo> For some unknown reason I'm on the funny.cs mailing list from the U of Toronto. Canadian computer science jokes!
<Pyr> Okay, a constant and e^x are walking through the woods when they come across a derivative function.. the constant gets scared, and e^x laughs.. but then it says "I'm d/dy, bitch", and e^x is like "Oh shit"
<makhomenos> "All the skill is going out of mathematics, all the know-how and make do"
<`gypsy> sigh
<zedboy> makhomenos: i can integrate fine
*** HitMan200 has quit IRC (Leaving?)
<zedboy> makhomenos: but i can't do algebra w/o Mathematica
<makhomenos> This guy was OLD I tell ya
<RinkRabbit> heh
*** Saxgod has joined #aftery2k
<roblimo> OLD? You probably mean my age...
<makhomenos> "You talk about Hilbert Spaces, I used to hang around Hilbert's space, and man did he smell."
<Pyr> ha ha ha
* Felinoid is very lagged
<roblimo> (Where'd that AARP card get to?)
<`gypsy> *laff*
* `gypsy is old as well
<Snaggy> Q: What do you call a bunch of Swedish beads that swear? A: An abbacus
<Pyr> Oi!
<Zilo> ha
* Saxgod groans.
<RinkRabbit> heh
<greycat> snaggy: abba-cuss
<tmr_> heheh
<`gypsy> ./ignore sad math *jokes (*term used loosely)
<roblimo> Well, I'm starting to understand why some of you are studying math instead of going into professional standup comedy, anyway.
<Pyr> pointer to math jokes?
* RinkRabbit grins at roblimo.
<makhomenos> I study math for political reasons.
<Zilo> *mathJokes
<makhomenos> I want to fight to end homomorphism in our time.
<chromatic> Just for a couple of minutes, I promise. Then I will give you all my full attention.
<`gypsy> I have yet to *study* math - so far it has been easy
*** Saxgod has quit IRC
<Pyr> brb, lag
<makhomenos> (okay, okay, I'm done with the math jokes)
*** Pyr has quit IRC (Connection Reset by Pyr?)
<zedboy> `gypsy: it gets interesting starting with Real Analysis
<roblimo> I swear, I'm one step away from buying a Winnebago and living in national park campgrounds
*** Pyr has joined #aftery2k
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Pyr
<zedboy> roblimo: go find yourself a nice chunk of the Queen's land in Canada. Much more spacious.
<makhomenos> How about C jokes?
<`gypsy> just as bad mak
<BeDope> good night all! be sure to tune in tomorrow for the BeOS Abacus presentation. you'll laugh. you'll cry. then i'll finally finish ;)
<roblimo> They give you "senior citizen" rates if you're over 50. Three years and three weeks to go!
*** CowboyNeal has quit IRC (xchat exiting..?)
<tmr_> g'night be...
<roblimo> night...
<Zilo> seeya
<Nitrozac> By BeDope
<makhomenos> Q: What do call the address of a largish dog? A: A German Short-Haired Pointer.
<Myriad> 'night
*** BeDope has quit IRC ( byebye?)
<makhomenos> peace out BeDope
<Pyr> hahahahhaa
<roblimo> You mean it's URL, right?
<Zilo> tmr_?:? I had about 4 hours notice before my flight at 2 AM this morning. ugh
<Pyr> no, it's C jokes, not http jokes
<makhomenos> no, address in memory :) although it's an abuse of terminology :)
<zedboy> Oh no. a 4 byte value representing its location in memory :)
<roblimo> Oh no! I misused an apostrophe! Please forgive me!
<zedboy> not necessarily
<greycat> zedboy: could be more than 4 bytes
<zedboy> greycat: true that.
<zedboy> heapPtr<shorthairedGerman> shg = new shorthairedGerman(...);
<`gypsy> well - I must go appease the gods of the volcano - nice meeting you peeps
<RinkRabbit> g'night `gyp
<chromatic> See ya, 'gypsy!
<chromatic> Thanks for dropping by.
*** `gypsy has left #AfterY2K
<roblimo> Perhaps, at Abacus World, we should have bark instead of bytes. At least for the Pointers...
<Nitrozac> LOL
<RinkRabbit> heh
<greycat> roblimo: but their bark is worse than their bytes
<chromatic> Good thing they don't have Bork.
<roblimo> Greycat, I worked hard not to make that pun...
<makhomenos> Yeah, and that pointer back door took a huge chunk out of me. I'd hate to think what its bark is like.
<RinkRabbit> I'd hate to think what a headache a megabark would give me
<roblimo> If we invite JonKatz, he'll bring his Labrador Retrievers.
<makhomenos> I hear IBM released a one-gigabark storage solution.
<makhomenos> Think about that next time you hear the words "bring the noise."
* zedboy ponders dynamic memory allocation (i.e. abmalloc()) on abacuses. This is his next 15-213 assignment.
<greycat> makhomenos: but what do they do with all the leaves?
<Snaggy> "Labrador Retrievers"? code name for his new abacus?
<makhomenos> They put them at the bottom of their new binary search trees, of course.
<zedboy> makhomenos: rofl
* Pyr tries to think of good geeky collie jokes, but fails
<RinkRabbit> heh
<Pyr> hahahah
*** CowboyNeal has joined #aftery2k
<roblimo> Well, plenty of research has already been done on using dogs as MIDI replacements - note the barking dogs verison of "Jingle Bells," which will once again be boring us in malls everywhere.
<chromatic> Do they keep mallocs in kennels?
<Pyr> god, this has to be the geekiest channel I've ever wasted a significant portion of my life in
<makhomenos> chromatic: only until you set them free()
<chromatic> Gotcha.
<Snaggy> Roblimo has nice pups, according to Fawn
<RinkRabbit> heheh.. Well the channel is intended primarily for geeks
<Zilo> ackphft
<Pyr> woowoo
<makhomenos> True.
<roblimo> "god, this has to be the geekiest channel I've ever wasted a significant portion of my life in" There are worse, strange as it may seem
<RinkRabbit> Especially seeing as how it's about a comic strip w/ a lot of jokes that only geeks would get :)
<Zilo> I know a box named 'ackphft'
<Pyr> no, it's not bad.. I love the geekiness.. usually I only have one friend who I can truly geek out with
<zedboy> roblimo: #gnome on is pretty bad that way
*** tmr_ has quit IRC (BRB ETA 40min going home....?)
<makhomenos> You could hang out on #linux (on Undernet, mind you). Or #math on Undernet.
<maswan> zedboy?:? you're on byxnet too?
<chromatic> #slashdot has its moments.
<zedboy> especially when i look for my roomate there rather than turning 90 degrees left
<Felinoid> :)
<roblimo> I had a hige flame war with some guy named Eric on a Gnome e-mail list once.
*** Nitrozac has quit IRC (Ping timeout?)
<makhomenos> zedboy: you have an imaginary roommate?
<zedboy> maswan: i don't grok. byxnet? obviously not ;)
<RinkRabbit> oohnoo.. Nitrozac d/c'd.. the world is coming to an end!
<zedboy> makhomenos: no. itp. he was here. he left.
<zedboy> makhomenos: on a relative scale (i.e. compared to everything else) he's pretty real.
<zedboy> makhomenos: he's the gnome-games maintainer.
<makhomenos> Oh. Because imaginary roommates are usually 90 degrees to the left of real roommates. At least the positive ones.
<roblimo> Which "He"?
<chromatic> Mmmm, Gnome Mahjongg.
<RinkRabbit> Unfortunately I must leave as well now. Goodbye all.
<chromatic> See ya, RR.
<makhomenos> adios rinkrabbit
* RinkRabbit wavels, wobbles, an' falls off the channel.
*** RinkRabbit has quit IRC (Leaving?)
<roblimo> Oh the roomate. I used to have an imginery roommate, shje had very nice breasts.
<zedboy> makhomenos: that was an approximation.
<maswan> zedboy?:? is on byxnet
<zedboy> maswan: i'd never have known if you hadn't told me.
<zedboy> makhomenos: he's at rad(2)+PIi
<makhomenos> No wonder they call it complex analysis. I'm confused as hell now.
<maswan> zedboy?:? oh, ok.. well, I run, one of the few other servers on that net.. :)
<greycat> makh: I had complex analysis. Had to pass/fail it. Passed, barely.
<maswan> zedboy?:? I can usually be found in #gimp and #swedesex :)
<roblimo> "I'm confused as hell now" You're not alone. ;)
<makhomenos> <-- got a Masters in math. It's the rest of the world that confuses me :)
<zedboy> maswan: i'm not there that often. Just when trying to find a fleeting real root of my roommate.
<maswan> zedboy?:? ok.. :)
<greycat> makh: oh, a math major had trouble with that class, too! :-)
<roblimo> I don't do much chat.
<makhomenos> greycat: not surprising......a lot of math majors do........math majors aren't necesarily smarter than anyone else, or better at math.
<makhomenos> I struggled thru it.....wish I had studied it harder in fact.......
<Snaggy> will Roblimo be giving an "Abacus on the Cheap" workshop at AWE, or is he just there for the chicks?
<greycat> makh: I'd expect a math major to be somewhat good at math
<Zilo> they are better at math, at least the ones I know
<chromatic> He's just here to brag about chicks, I think!
<roblimo> "will Roblimo be giving an "Abacus on the Cheap" workshop at AWE, or is he just there for the chicks?
<roblimo> " Both!
<roblimo> I'm not bragging about chix, just trying to help you guys get laid.
<makhomenos> hehehehe :)
<Felinoid> Roblimo: :)
<roblimo> (Hopeless task)
* greycat would've been a math major had there not been computers for me to major in instead
<makhomenos> I wish Nitrozac were here, she'd have to post that as the best line of the night.
<Zilo> hrm where'd she go?
<chromatic> She pinged out.
<roblimo> Yes?
<makhomenos> "I'm not bragging about chix, just trying to help you guys get laid." -the irrepressible Roblimo, 10/7/99
<Zilo> ah.
<roblimo> BFD. True. I had to learn, once upon a time.
<greycat> makh: don't forget: <roblimo> (Hopeless task)
*** Zilo changes topic to 'I'm not bragging about chix, just trying to help you guys get laid." -Roblimo?'
<Pyr> hahhaa
*** chromatic changes topic to 'I'm not bragging about chix, just trying to help you guys get laid. (hopeless task)" -Roblimo?'
<makhomenos> thank you Zilo :)
<roblimo> Damn! At least I didn't waste my time in college.
<Snaggy> for next years AWE, I'd like to see an abacus made out of chicks
<makhomenos> roblimo: I'm teasing........forgive me :)
*** Nitrozac has joined #aftery2k
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Nitrozac
<chromatic> An abacus made out of cheerleaders?
<Zilo> hehehehe
* Felinoid hugs Nitrozac
* chromatic gives Nitrozac a cookie.
<Nitrozac> I crashed :(
<zedboy> welcome back.
* greycat hates it when it changes to 10:00PM and his whole status line shifts one character to the right
<zedboy> oh?
<makhomenos> hey nitrozac! You missed it! The best line of the night! :)
<NitroBot> Here's your sherry nitrozac.
<Nitrozac> mmm thank you!
<zedboy> and whose fault is that?
<Nitrozac> glup
<Nitrozac> gulp
<greycat> nitrozac: it's been immortalized in the /topic
<roblimo> makhomenos: I know. All having a good time. The only chick I'm hot for is nitrozac --- Oh, hi! Didn't notice you were back!
<Nitrozac> what was the best line?
<Zilo> Nitrozac?:? /topic
<roblimo> It wan't very good, really.
<zedboy> he's modest. but laid.
<Zilo> haha
<Zilo> well that counts for something
<chromatic> Besides that, it leaves out Pur.
<chromatic> Pyr.
<chromatic> Oops.
<Nitrozac> Roblimo, hot for me... well, the TTBs were *swooning*
<Pyr> leaves me out of what?
<roblimo> but, see, you're real. I likethat in a woman.
<chromatic> Eh, depends on if you consider yourself a guy, Pyr!
<greycat> realness definitely has its good points
<makhomenos> Reality isn't necesary for me in a woman. Yet. :)
<zedboy> question for the floor:
<chromatic> NZ, I thought Fawn was hot for AWE Registration Geek on the Left.
<Myriad> It does tend to make conversations more itnerested.
<Myriad> ugh, interesting...
<zedboy> if i'm working on a girl who goes to school in Boston, and I'm in Pittsburgh, and my only contact w/her is thru ICQ, is she real or imaginary? What is her vector?
<Nitrozac> Fawn, she's somethin' else
<Nitrozac> :)
<roblimo> I like my women real, un-surgically-enhanced.
<makhomenos> zedboy: I'd put it 60 degrees ccw of real.
<Pyr> Vectors have both magnitude /and/ direction!
<Pyr> ^sorry, couldn't help it
* Felinoid is a prepetual flirt but thats all... what I'm bauld and I don't look like Pacard
<Myriad> Zedboy: well, if she's on a train traveling at 200mph heading east, and your...
<makhomenos> and magnitude depends on how you feel about her
<roblimo> I know at least five guys who have succesfully met women throguh the 'net.
<MrJ> 2i+3j-4k
<zedboy> Pyr: i'm looking for something in the form (a+bi)
<Nitrozac> roblimo way to go you've got a real TTB :)
<greycat> myriad: she's in boston. The train would end up in the Atlantic Ocean.
<zedboy> so i can locate her on the real/imaginary plane.
<Nitrozac> ingoring you on her computer
<Pyr> hahaha
<Pyr> is she a normal vector?
<makhomenos> <getting serious> I've sworn off of meeting women off the 'net. Last gal I met over the net didn't bother to tell me about her husband until we were six months into the relationship. Time to start normal dating habits.
<Myriad> Humm, never was very good at those word problems...
<roblimo> "ingoring": does this have anything to do with an American Vice President?
<zedboy> makhomenos: i didn't meet her on the net at all. I've known her for a long time.
*** Royster has joined #aftery2k
<zedboy> makhomenos: but I can't get to Boston for another month at best....
<Pyr> heh, guess what I just learned: 31337 is a prime number
* Felinoid looks at his preveous comment "Did that make sence to anyone?"
<makhomenos> zedboy: trust your feelings :)
<roblimo> No.
<zedboy> templestowe:~$ factor 31337
<zedboy> 31337: 31337
<makhomenos> Pyr: no kidding, that's hillarious :)
<MrJ> i guess 31337 is 31337 then :)
<zedboy> looks good to me!
<Zilo> Heh. From fortune on latest login: Who needs friends when you can sit alone in your room and drink?
<zedboy> another good word problem.
<chromatic> What in the world are 'normal dating habits' and where can I get some?
<MrJ> Primes from 31335 to 31338:
<MrJ> 31337
*** SpeedyT has joined #AfterY2K
<roblimo> Y'know, it's going to take some *very special* women to understand you guys. Or at least some real desperate ones!
<MrJ> wow.. a CS180 class project actually was useful!
<makhomenos> I picked mine up from dating for dummies :)
* makhomenos ducks
<zedboy> MrJ: man 1 primes
<Felinoid> Dating in a nutshell
<Nitrozac> hey, any girl is *lucky* to get such fine geeks like you! :)
<MrJ> No manual entry for primes in section 1
<chromatic> Dating Unleashed?
<makhomenos> man 1 dating
<greycat> zedboy: or man 6 primes
<Pyr> "Yeah, whatever"
<makhomenos> The Dating HOWTO
<zedboy> greycat: oops, yeah.
<Snaggy> Relic's Dating Tips
<Felinoid> Chromatic: :)
<Felinoid> The Dating FAQ on
<makhomenos> SAMS Learn Dating Skills In Ten Minutes
<greycat> No manual entry for dating
<Snaggy> Dude's Dating Rules
<chromatic> Teach Yourself Dating in 24 Hours!
<roblimo> Nitrozac, one thing good about these guys from a female's perspective is that they're highly likely to be loyal. I mean, think about it.
<zedboy> If Linux added support for dating, we'd be _way_ ahead of the other OSs !!
* chromatic shudders to think of the errata list.
<Presence> whoa, in a fit of bad perl coding, I forgot to notice AWE chatter! man, now I gotta go dig thru the backlog. <g>
<makhomenos> QUE's Upgrading and Repairing Your Social Life, Geek Edition.
<Felinoid> Ask Slashdot: Dating
<maswan> "man 1 date" ?
<chromatic> I'm going to wait for the O'Reilly book. Maybe Hemos will send me the draft edition to review.
<zedboy> roblimo: I have a lot of friends who are geeks. And most of them do have girlfriends. Good looking normal ones even. And the geeks are _very_ _VERY_ loyal :)
<Snaggy> Nitrozac's Fave Date Cave
<roblimo> Note that L. Torvalds and A. Cox both have fine, pleasantm attractive wimmins.
* greycat is geeky and loyal
* Pyr grumbles something about not all geeks are loyal.. foo
<Nitrozac> yeah a karate expert, think about it
<roblimo> Hemos and Taco are both girlfriend-equipped.
<makhomenos> roblimo: especially since Lucy Lawless took Torvalds away with her
<Snaggy> and Lucy Lawless on the side
<chromatic> Pyr, not all geeks are smart.
<Presence> I'm a geek, and I managed to talk my GF of 7 years into marrying me! :)
<makhomenos> kewl
<zedboy> Presence: impressive geek factor, sir!
<Presence> so geeky that we have a web page to this gig. :)
<makhomenos> one of my best friends is a female geek, married her boyfriend of eight years.
<Snaggy> way to go, now what are you going to do!
<makhomenos> AND she wrote a section of her web page on it.
* chromatic would settle for a GF of seven days.
<makhomenos> So major geekpoints there.
*** copper42 has joined #aftery2k
<makhomenos> <-- married to his career at the present
<chromatic> Snaggy, aren't you married to a cowboy?
<copper42> bet she lousy in bed makhomenos
<makhomenos> Keeps me up all night long, copper :)
<Snaggy> I married the way of life
<copper42> she shook you all night long....(etc.)
<Nitrozac> Modems!
<roblimo> Whoa! Engagement pics! Debbie and I just zoomed over to the courthouse. 3-minute ceremony.
<Felinoid> My geekyness isn't whats holding me back... I just have to much evil in me...
<makhomenos> Modems!!!!!!
<zedboy> Snaggy: that's like taking a vow of chastity to be a monk. They marry the way of life, too.
* makhomenos throws a Winmodem in the air "PULL!"
<greycat> hee hee
* Myriad fires
<copper42> lol
<makhomenos> cool!
<chromatic> mmm, three minutes... I could stay awake for that.
<Snaggy> I Married a Modem... new on ABC!
<Presence> heh. we've been toying with this marrige/engagement bit for a while. :)
<zedboy> makhomenos: I'm pleased to say that while Linux does not yet support the modems on my laptop
* makhomenos watches all the little modembits
<zedboy> makhomenos: solaris does, all 3 of them.
<roblimo> Kathleen Ellis,, recently married "geeks With Guns" stawart Jon Lasser.
<copper42> i personally use my winmodems as keychains
<chromatic> Winmodems are good heatsinks.
<makhomenos> oh cool deal Rob!
* makhomenos wonders if Jon Lasser is going to the ALS geeks with guns......
<chromatic> Rob, you weren't supposed to tell! It was a secret.
<Snaggy> Quickpoll at 731... for those who NEED to know!
<greycat> Winmodems work just well after the Y2K apocalypse as they did before!
<Presence> The only un-geeky thing about me and the grrl is that she uses.. front page98. :^/ ah well. its hosted on a unix bawx! :)
<MrJ> eww
<roblimo> What was a secret? Their mariiage? It was all over the local LUG mailing list.
<chromatic> FP98 -- PowerPoint slides aren't just for the boredroom anymore.
<zedboy> greycat: definitely a plus.
<makhomenos> lol
<Pyr> I have to use fp98 ):
<copper42> hehe
<MrJ> quick.. someone write a good WYSIWYG web site composer.. we can fix that
<Felinoid> That amazes me... after the market dose all it can to crush "dumb modems" in favor of "Smart modems" we get WinModems.. even worse than a dumb modem
<zedboy> chromatic: in one of my courses last year, the students voted they preferred the handdrawn transparencies over the PowerPoint ....
<Presence> We're so geeky that at one point we broke up.. we broke up over the public forums on a WWiV bbs. <g>
<Pyr> Dreamweaver is a good WYSIWYG editor
<roblimo> Hey! The new Applix is supposed to have a kewl presentation module. I just got it today.
<MrJ> sure it is
<makhomenos> StarOffice has a neat VectorDraw utility
<makhomenos> of course
<Pyr> mm..want dreamweaver..
<copper42> dreamweaver is my friend...
<roblimo> I use a WYSIWYT editor. (What you see is what you type)
<makhomenos> real geeks use GIMP and latex :)
<zedboy> roblimo: LaTeX makes nice slides. Use it.
<zedboy> :)
* makhomenos ducks
*** durin has joined #aftery2k
<roblimo> Latex is a pain. almost as bad as that horrid emacs thing.
<chromatic> PowerPoint wouldn't be so bad if it didn't dumb down corporate monkeys even further. I mean, if an outline is too complicated, and you need information on a SLIDE to understand it, you shouldn't be breeding and cutting my budget!
<Pyr> yes, use latex.. muh better than sheepskin.. err, ugh
<Nitrozac> GoLive is very nice
<Royster> Latex gives me a rash.
<zedboy> roblimo: I use a WYSIWYM editor. LyX!
<MrJ> or in the case of the typo-prone.. WYSIWYWTBYT (What you see if what you were thinking before you typed)
<MrJ> f=s
<roblimo> I use asWedit or Amaya, depending on mood.
<copper42> ive give golive a shot, but it really hasn't grown on me...
<makhomenos> \documentclass[10pt]{slide} \title{Sample slide} \author{makhomenos, obviously} \begin{document} \maketitle This statement is false \end{document}
<Pyr> attack of the acronyms!
<zedboy> makhomenos: bravo.
<durin> yes, GoLive is is my editor of choice
* makhomenos bows
<chromatic> Way to go, TeX!
* greycat uses vi. vim to be exact.
* MrJ runs away from the TeX
<maswan> LaTeX! vim!
* Pyr uses pico :-P
<zedboy> greycat: yes. we use _vim_ to edit our _tex_
<copper42> makhomenos: proving godel's therom in latex?
* MrJ also uses pico
<Pyr> I'm a pico user and I'm proud of it, damnit
<roblimo> My primary text editor is the venerable pointy-clicky all-time Unix fave, nedit.
<chromatic> vim + Perl = true love
<greycat> (I figure it's best just to air the editor religious debate now and get it over.)
<zedboy> roblimo: yay NEdit!!!!
<roblimo> NEDit be cool. Does everything I need, which isn't much.
<makhomenos> ah yes, true geekdom........vim, LaTeX, xdvi, and all on top of an fvwm desktop in monochrome running on a 486. Gods I love archaic technology! :)
* makhomenos runs
*** maswan is now known as |
<zedboy> but vim still has more nedit highlighting modes
<|> "Yeah, but ten years ago we were debating whether emacs was better than
<|> vi, whereas now the discussion is about whether vi is better than emacs.
<|> So progress is clearly being made." -- Steve Kirkendall in comp.editors
*** | is now known as maswan
<zedboy> roblimo: nedit does everything I need, and that's a lot.
<chromatic> Sneaky, maswan.
<zedboy> makhomenos: i remember doing that. Mmmm, 1995.
<roblimo> I just don't want to use a CLI ever again in my life. Called up a terminal last night. *shudder* Hated it!
<Felinoid> pine to edit, lynx to test my html, gcc for my c code... and IRC to keep me awake :)
<makhomenos> A CLI? CLU? CLONE?
<Zilo> Maya Alias|Wavefront would make for a good presentation :)
<chromatic> Yeah, it must suck for professional writers to have to type! ha ha ha
<zedboy> roblimo: But Linux is the OS with a CLUE!
<greycat> roblimo: CLI rules!
<copper42> who needs these editors??? lets just use echo >
<roblimo> CLI - the thing where you type in long strings of memorized text commands instead simply using a handy mousy thingie.
<maswan> hmm.. I use vim, latex, xdvi and fvwm2 on a sparcstation LX today.. :)
<NitroBot> .o0o. Updated the AfterY2K page detected. New page size 21710bytes Last-Modified: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 02:18:49 GMT.o0o.
* Pyr likes her mousie thingie
<zedboy> maswan: I use joe, latex, xdvi, fvwm2 on a SPARC laptop today :)
<makhomenos> Hey Nitrozac, when are you going to get Steve Ballmer to speak at this convention? :)
<chromatic> NitroBot should give the old page size, too. And print out diffs.
<zedboy> copper42: ed(1)
* MrJ tries to read the interesting grammar from NitroBot
<maswan> chromatic?:? diffs might be a bit too much..
<Nitrozac> mak, hmmmm, Ballmer...
<Felinoid> I use terminals to save money :) el-cheapo me... 4 terminals and a console instead of 5 computers :) I also have an old 3B2/500 sitting next to me :)
<maswan> chromatic?:? but the size of the diffs would be very nice. :)
<roblimo> CLI is old-fashioned. It was okay in it's day: 1975.
<chromatic> Okay, diffs were a joke.
<Zilo> MrJ?:? tmr didn't learn english till he was 9. :)
<zedboy> roblimo: CLI is fast and efficient. If I could get what I need done in a GUI, i'd consider using one.
<copper42> :)
<Zilo> pretty good if you ask me
* chromatic has already stated his objection to mice.
<makhomenos> Wow, I can feel the bass from next door through my feet. And there's a brick wall separating us.
<greycat> zedboy: exactly. It's much faster to type 'mutt' than to search for an icon
<zedboy> Felinoid: my friend Martin Hock (author of gfpoken) uses a vt100 so he can IRC while in bed on sunday morning :)
* Pyr likes to look at the pretty pictures in her GUI
<copper42> chromatic: would that be that they are disease carriers?
<zedboy> greycat: or howbout selecting files to move by rules? Can't do that in a gui!
<roblimo> Wait until you're over 40 and you've gone through 20 different CLI programs and find yourself using the wrong "save" command half the time. You'll decide the GUI is your best friend.
<Felinoid> Zedboy: yeah rah :)
<zedboy> roblimo: but UNIX has been the same all your life!
* makhomenos figures VI will be around forever.
<Pyr> unix weenies :-P
<greycat> zedboy: you *could* do that in a GUI, but only for pre-programmed rules... and that leads to bloated code
* maswan has tried to use ESC to get out of editing mode in pico, and then C-x C-s to save.. :)
<Zilo> rm -r X11
<Zilo> can't do that in X ;)
<chromatic> copper42, no, 'cuz they get pissed when their balls go bad.
<roblimo> You may not believe this, but many early home computers wouldn't run Unix.
<makhomenos> Yeah, Pyr's a real daredevil. He runs WindowsNT.
* greycat uses X -- GUIs aren't evil, as long as they mesh well with CLIs
<chromatic> (Pyr is a lady)
<Pyr> SHE and I'm running WindowMaker
<makhomenos> my apologies pyr :)
* Royster has used ESC while filling out web forms only to have them reset to blank. Doh!
<copper42> chro: that happens to more that just mice
<zedboy> roblimo: well yes, but everyone knows there's no future for computers in the home.
<Felinoid> I want to get a multi port sereal card so I can put terminals in every room of my appartment :) then I can just pull up a terminal where ever I am :)
<copper42> bbl...
*** copper42 has quit IRC (Leaving?)
<chromatic> copper42, it's only the small mammals that bite me.
<greycat> maswan: could be worse... ESC in MS-Mail brings up a dialog box asking you whether you want to throw away your changes
<Zilo> I'd buy a portable vt100 if it meant I didn't get a winomdem
<Zilo> ]
* makhomenos looks at his watch, "Home computers have been a reality for, oh, 20 years now....."
<greycat> maswan: guess how I know this...
<chromatic> Okay... it's only the small mammals that bite me that I mind. Adult Females are a different story.
<roblimo> Y'know, someday you will all be old farts and your grandkids will ask, "Grandpa(ma, what's a keyboard?"
<maswan> greycat?:? a couple of hours of lost typing? ;)
<zedboy> greycat: i thought ESC switched to command mode. i'm confused.
<chromatic> Grandkids. *snicker*
<Nitrozac> cause they'll be using the Abacus
<Zilo> roblimo?:? we have to get laid first.
<zedboy> roblimo: the keyboard's been around longer than you, i wager.
<greycat> maswan: minutes only... long messages do *not* get typed into MS-Mail
<greycat> zedboy: in vi, ESC exits insert/append/replace mode and switches back to command mode... but vi habits used in other contexts do unpredictable things
<roblimo> You will get laid. All your ancestors did, didn;t they?
<zedboy> makhomenos: actually, we got our first IBM PC when I was 4. Which means I have no clear memory of life without at least 1 computer in the home.
<maswan> greycat?:? hehe.. well, a simple typo in pico managed to dump 45 mins of typing in one of my emails.. C-x y and C-c y is a bit too close.. :)
<zedboy> greycat: which is why true geeks use only one editor for all contexts :)
* makhomenos nods
<zedboy> echo $EDITOR
<greycat> maswan: worse: the DOS cc:Mail client's editor uses Alt-F4 for something...
<Nitrozac> Roblimo, do geeks get laid at conventions?
<roblimo> IBM PC? My first personal computer was a Timex/Sinclair.
<makhomenos> Nitrozac: that's a good question!! :)
<Pyr> mm..commodore 64
<zedboy> roblimo: actually our first was before i was born. a Sinclair
<zedboy> 2k of RAM
<greycat> zedboy: as soon as Mozilla implements my suggested feature (a key binding to call up an external editor for textareas) I'll be all set :-)
<zedboy> but I didn't count it ....
<chromatic> C=
<Pyr> Sinclair.. is an excellent name
<roblimo> Nitorzac, I have no idea. I've never seen it happen. Now, if you and I were at the same convention...
<zedboy> roblimo: i actually first learned to code from my dad on the Sinclair.
<Nitrozac> Roblimo, hehehehe
<maswan> greycat?:? well, the last year I have used windows for perhpas 30 mins, but I still remember what that combination usually does. ;)
<Felinoid> I've considered getting my sister a palm pilot and a pilot keyboard.. she's not a real geek but she is a BBS chat addict... But instead of computers she works on cars.. I've allwase wondered what she'd make if she could build her own car
<makhomenos> I was behind the times, learning BASIC on an AppleII+
<roblimo> Joking. However, I fully intend to get laid at ALS.
<greycat> my first time was with a TRS-80 color computer, 4K RAM
<makhomenos> hehehe
<chromatic> I fully intend to get free souvenirs at AWE.
<Nitrozac> roblimo, and you haven't observed any geeks potentially getting lucky?
<greycat> maswan: sure, no problem... now imagine running the DOS cc:Mail client in DOSEMU under X
<zedboy> E3 was good for free souvenirs this year :)
<greycat> maswan: "hmm, help says press Alt-F4 to delete the line..."
<roblimo> I'll be sharing a room at ALS with one of Andover's finest contract workers.
<roblimo> (my wife)
<Pyr> heh, I should go to more cons.. I mean, I only live a couple hours south of the bay area
<maswan> greycat?:? yes? alt-f4 does nothing in my fvwm2 setup.. :)
*** rares has joined #AfterY2K
<rares> Anyone here from Gainesville?
* zedboy hits alt-f4 repeatedly. nothing happens.
<maswan> greycat?:? control-shift-f4 brings up a 40-row xterm tho..
<roblimo> I have not seen any geeks "get lucky" at conventions. Of course, I don;t watch everyone every minute.
<Snaggy> I'll be sharing a room at AWE with Mr. Microsoftie
<greycat> maswan: in *my* fvwm2 setup, Alt-F4 has an effect...
<chromatic> Does "get lucky" involve "making your saving roll" in AD&D?
<zedboy> roblimo: at E3, G.O.D. hired 2 dozen L.A. models to come hang out with the geeks :)
<Pyr> woowoo, you go snaggy :D
<MrJ> alt-f4 just brings me to this tty :)
<maswan> greycat?:? oh. I guess it is bad. :)
<Snaggy> Or is that Ms. Microsoftie?
<makhomenos> chromatic: something like that.
<Felinoid> Sadly I can't go to any connventions.... even in an Ay2k timeline... My job is not tech related :( and if the world gose to hell I'll be in more demand not less :(
<greycat> maswan: destroys the current window
<zedboy> Felinoid: what do you do?
<makhomenos> I intend to get lucky by having enough newsletters to handle the demand at ALS
<Felinoid> Zedboy: Nightwatch
<makhomenos> ah.....
<roblimo> Nightwatch what?
<chromatic> Nightwatch Baywatch
<Pyr> Dude, prostitutes could make a killing by just hanging out in linux conventions
<makhomenos> Nightwatch a monitor with IRC on it I suppose......
<Nitrozac> well, I did see a bunch of pics of VA employees in PVC, it looked pretty hot!
* greycat is glad he is currently not under obligation to run either MS-Mail or cc:Mail
<chromatic> Pyr, we don't want to kill the geeks!
<roblimo> I'm sure there's some pro activity after hours at most conventions.
<durin> not all linux geeks are sexually frustrated
<roblimo> FYI: most of the fem VA and RH employees have guys already.
<makhomenos> True.
<Pyr> durin: just most of them
<chromatic> I'm just frustrated in general! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
<makhomenos> Some of us just figure "to hell with it." :)
<durin> Pyr: basically, heh
<Felinoid> Rob: I watch over a recycling center at night.. make shure no one steals anything... or vandlises anything..
<roblimo> I know guys from the local LUG who are virgins in their 20s and have no clue how to change that status.
<rares> woman for Craig?
<roblimo> Felinoid: you mean you keep guys like me out?
<rares> ?????
<Pyr> Dumpster diving! woo!
<Nitrozac> roblimo, drinking helps
<makhomenos> Doing other things really helps
<chromatic> Turning off Star Trek marathons helps.
<Pyr> I went dumpster diving at the local seagate.. found some interesting stuff, but nothing confidential
<makhomenos> Noncomputer stuff. Social stuff.
<roblimo> I've wrtten several columns about dumpster diving as a way to get cheap computers.
<Snaggy> Roblimo.... Public dumpster raider #1
<Felinoid> Roblimo: Hehe
<makhomenos> LIke.......perfect example........if you have a religion, participate in that more.
<Nitrozac> what did you find Pyr?
<makhomenos> If you don't have a religion, join an atheist group or an agnostic group or something.
<durin> according to my experience, making your best friends ex-gf feel better after you best friend dumps her gets you laid
<greycat> makh: unless your religion is something like Satanism
<Snaggy> too bad no one throws out abacuses anymore
<zedboy> I have to say, there are a lot of CS majors here at CMU. And most of them do things other than CS too.
<durin> but that's just me =P
<Pyr> I found hard drive testing reports and blueprints from the last 20 years
<roblimo> True. My original online claim to fame is my "cheap Computing" column:
<Zilo> Once I found a 9-track tape in a dumpster with an Anchorage mailing list on it.
<makhomenos> greycat: I'm neo-pagan, I have lots of places to hang. I imagine Satanists do too.
*** rares has quit IRC (Leaving?)
<Pyr> a bunch of boxes of super-close up photos, that kind of thing
<Felinoid> Accually 90% of my job is just inforcing the citys laws so the recycling center dosn't get in truble...
<Snaggy> I once found a dumpster in a dumpster
<Snaggy> he was friendly though
<zedboy> I go looking for trash in the corridors of Wean Hall (School of CS, CMU) late at night.
<zedboy> that's how both my roommates found nice deskchairs.
<Snaggy> just took his dump, then he left
<chromatic> Mmm, extreme close up hard drive shots.
*** Royster has quit IRC (xchat exiting..?)
<roblimo> I know a guy in Wash DC who pays office building janitors to check trash for useful computers and parts.
<zedboy> another of my friends found a beautiful, fully functional 1600x1200 digital projector being thrown out outside of Baker Hall....
<Zilo> let's all have a con this weekend.
<Nitrozac> Snaggy you're dump-obsessed!
<Pyr> wow, I wish I lived in a bigger city.. everyone's still using the trash they throw out around here
<makhomenos> I know a guy in Wash DC who pays office building janitors to check trash for useful passw.............oops............
<Pyr> heh, I'm going up to San jose this weekend.. to go to Fry's
<zedboy> makhomenos: true-er than you think....
* chromatic rescued three kittens from the dump.
<durin> hah
<Pyr> dude, it's not that hard to look for passwords at offices.. just read the postit notes
<durin> yeah
<Grommit> yeah.
<Felinoid> Roblimo: Yeah thats the fun part of my job :) We get in a huge allotment of electonics and old computers that I end up fixing up and my boss then sells them on e-bay
<makhomenos> (no kidding........)
<Nitrozac> anybody here ever go to Active Surplus in TOronto on Queen Street?
<roblimo> True about the passwords.
<durin> post it notes are all over the american museum of natural history's monitors
<durin> it's hilarious
<Zilo> Pyr?:? ok, con at Fry's
<zedboy> Felinoid: i hope you get a cut !?
<chromatic> Laundry again!
<makhomenos> OK, so who here is going to be at ALS??? :)
<Felinoid> Zeb: Hack yes I do
<Pyr> I wish
<Myriad> Nitro, a great place! Have you ever been to Computer Recyclers in Ottawa?
<durin> even the net admin had a password written down on a peice of paper
<Snaggy> Didn't Mitrozac invent the Post-it note?
<roblimo> Me. and I'm doing a BOF session at 5 p.m. Friday.
<chromatic> Rats, Snaggy. You stole my latest news story.
<zedboy> Nitrozac: at first i thought you were talking about a club in Toronto!
<makhomenos> "BOF session?"
<Snaggy> Mitrozac, Nitrozac's evil genius twin
<Nitrozac> myriad, no is it as cool as AS?
<makhomenos> (that's not on the schedule I notice :))
<greycat> is that like a BOFH session?
<roblimo> "Birds of a Feather." discussion group.
<makhomenos> Kewl
<roblimo> And yes, it is on the schedule.
<Felinoid> And I install Linux on em :) well all the PCs... We also get Macs but very few
<durin> ohhhhh
<durin> my active home crap from x10 arrived at my house today
<roblimo> 5 p.m. Friday in the Andover room.
<Myriad> Nitro, think of a place 50x bigger then AS with prices 100x cheaper!
<makhomenos> I need to be looking at another schedule then :)
<Nitrozac> roblimo where is the session?
<makhomenos> one with more stuff on it!
<roblimo> Look at the BOF schedule.
<makhomenos> RTFBOFS?
<roblimo> The session's in Atlanta at AL.
<Nitrozac> will they be discussing getting lucky?
<makhomenos> hehehe
<makhomenos> anyways
<makhomenos> I need to get going :)
<zedboy> DAMMIT.
<zedboy> i should be at the Linux Gaming talk
<zedboy> right before Roblimo's!
<zedboy> @#$%
<chromatic> They should discuss CowboyNeal.
<roblimo> Well, my session's about getting favorable Linux press.
<makhomenos> oh yeah, if anyone here wants to see me at ALS, I'll be at booth 499 passing out my wares
* makhomenos takes note of roblimo's session
* chromatic wants an axe handle.
<Felinoid> roblimo: :)
* greycat has to get going too
<roblimo> Most of the time I'll either be at the Slashdot booth or wandering around saying "Hi" to friends and sucking down free beer.
<chromatic> Drink the free HP beer. They don't pass it out at HP much anymore.
<Felinoid> Roblimo: Hoo free beer.. Life is good :)
<Zilo> free beer. hmm
*** greycat has quit IRC (don't let the aliens have too many beers?)
<makhomenos> And check out the store. We're open for quake 24 horus
<makhomenos> hours
<Snaggy> If anyone wants to visit me at AWE, I'll be beside the Microsoft Soul Sucking Booth
<chromatic> Just wave your tentacles and I'll come over!
<roblimo> I'll be the guy who looks like the limo driver in today's after-y2k, except I'll be wearing the usual Abacus World, Andover, and similar t-shirts, not Klingon gear.
<Snaggy> tenticles to be specific
<chromatic> ispell 'tenticles'
<makhomenos> hehehe
<Snaggy> that sucks, I though Andover was going classic Klingon
<makhomenos> nite all
<roblimo> Whoever's in the /. booth should be able to find me; I'll have my cell phone.
<Snaggy> would help the IPO
*** makhomenos has left #aftery2k
<Felinoid> Well.. personally I won't be at AWE.. but if you can find an Psycic Relay Chat medium I'm Felinoid on the EFFnet psycic relay chat :)
<roblimo> Good night, m, a pleasure.
<roblimo> No, the official Slashdot/Andover dress code is "pants optional."
<Zilo> Felinoid?:? the legion of doom published some astral teleconference textfiles a long time ago
<Snaggy> The abacus World Expo shirt looks even better in the original Kligon
<zedboy> roblimo: the AWE shirt is meant to go pantless, and only pantless.
* Presence wanders off to my tent outside of AWE for a bit. (gotta go walk my ass home)
<roblimo> I'll only be at ALS Thrusday - Saturday. Too much work on my agenda to go for longer.
<Snaggy> I just ordered AWE pants!
<Zilo> "Nude Slashdot Beach" sounds good.
<Felinoid> Thats the fun part of my job BTW :) I IRC all day :)

Session Start: Thu Oct 07 18:53:42 1999
*** Now talking in #AfterY2K
*** Topic is 'I'm not bragging about chix, just trying to help you guys get laid. (hopeless task)" -Roblimo?'
*** Set by chromatic on Thu Oct 07 17:59:47
*** NitroBot has joined #AfterY2K
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tmr
<Zilo> haha I should get a /. me shirt
<Snaggy> now he tells her...
<chromatic> Wow... I earned my t-shirt by getting banner ad hits for Slashdot!
<Nitrozac> roblimo thank you! very much appreciated! :)
<Felinoid> Nitrozac: My isn't a made up address... is my preveous account :) ccnet got bought out and I changed ISPs :) But when I want to use a fake address thats what i use :)
<roblimo> chromatic: did I send you a shirt?
*** tmr sets mode: +oo NitroBot Snaggy
<Snaggy> geek currency = t-shirt
<chromatic> Hemos said one of his minions did, rob.
<roblimo> I'm the shirt-approval minion.
<chromatic> Must have been you, then.
<roblimo> Oh, right. You wrote a review.
<copper42> is that your higher calling in life roblimo?
<chromatic> That's me. Reviewing books when I'm not doing anything else at work!
<Pyr> you review books and get tshirts for it?
<roblimo> copper42> my higher calling is oral sex. ;)
<Pyr> Dude
<chromatic> Pyr, free books, too.
<copper42> lol
<Pyr> duuude
* chromatic feels his esteem rising.
<roblimo> Anyone who writes a /. book review or original feature gets a t-shirt.
<copper42> isn't it everyone's roblimo! (looks around at the odd stares..)
<roblimo> They are highly coveted.
<Nitrozac> ROblimo, giving or?
<chromatic> Ten more Jon Katz articles and we'll have enough to gag him!
<Pyr> gee, I should start writin' book reviews :D
<zedboy> Nitrozac: spaces or no spaces in the credit card #?
<roblimo> (although not as highly coveted as oral sex, in either direction)
<Felinoid> There is someone selling a button making franchise I have considered... wonder what the echance rate is for buttons and t shirts?
<MrJ> bah.. no time to read books
<chromatic> zedboy, I put spaces in mine.
<zedboy> k.
<Nitrozac> sedboy I don't think it matters...
<copper42> no, jon katz just gets one shirt so large it'll destroy the universe!
*** figue has joined #AfterY2K
<roblimo> I wonder if I could trade /. t-shirts for oral sex? Hmmm.
* zedboy prays
<figue> alguien habla español
<zedboy> @#$%
<roblimo> Nada aqui que hablan espanol.
<Pyr> hola mi taco
<Felinoid> Roblimo: haha
<Snaggy> zedboy quick... order more shirts! ;-)
<zedboy> Nitrozac: <whine> i can't make it work!
<Pyr> me llama es muy guapo
<Nitrozac> roblimo, you crack me up! :D
<zedboy> que'est-ce qu'on dit concernant un llama?
<copper42> roblimo: if it would work anywhere, it would be here...;)
<figue> hola
*** figue has left #AfterY2K
<copper42> mas que nada?
<zedboy> "
<zedboy> Our system has detected too many attempted transactions. Further transactions cannot be processed at this
<zedboy> time."
<roblimo> My, we certainly do drive them off, don't we?
<chromatic> Shouldn't have ping flooded the credit card server, zedboy.
<Felinoid> Maybe the true curency of AY2K should be t shirts instead of cannadian dollers eh? :)
<Nitrozac> zedboy, hmmmm that's odd, you can always fax or send a cheque or call Geek Culture?
<zedboy> that _wasn't_ me!
<zedboy> or at least ... not intentionally
<chromatic> Oh.
* zedboy checks his processes....
<Snaggy> zedboy arrives shirtless to AWE
* chromatic looks at his Smurf window.
<Nitrozac> zedboy try again in an hour
<Zilo> Can we spend all our canadian money in canadia?;>
<zedboy> Nitrozac: can i call them and give them a credit card #? I'm scared of writing a check (never akchally done it...)
<roblimo> Debbie's running up to the convenience store. anyone want anything?
<chromatic> Does Debbie have a sister?
<Pyr> skittles
<Nitrozac> I'll have a snickers!
<zedboy> milk. we're all out.
<roblimo> Yes, Debbie has a sister. Do you want her 900 number?
<Felinoid> Nitrozac: Will geek culture take money orders? :)
<Zilo> taste the rainboy.
<Snaggy> disposable abacus
<Zilo> rainbow
* Presence is back from the tent
<copper42> you know i have this really weird "song" on a k-tel collection called "America: One Canadian's Opinion", its out there,very funny...
<Felinoid> Roblimo: Caffine anything... cola preferably but I'm not very picky :)
<tmr> rob: I'll have a twix...
<roblimo> Snickers, milk, skittles. Anything else?
<Nitrozac> zedboy, yeah, you can call, but wait till tomorrow?
<zedboy> Felinoid: our case of penguin mints is in the mail (tin almost empty)
<Zilo> Canadian Bacon is a very funny movie. It makes equal fun of both sides, accurately..
<Pyr> silly rabbit.. oh, that's trix. damnit.
<zedboy> Nitrozac: natch, thx!
<tmr> pyr: =)
<roblimo> Oh, we already have lots of Coca-Cola. I stock the limo with Coke, sprite, and champagne.
<MrJ> mmm.. trix
<zedboy> Okay, all, it's been peachy-keen ... but Stats (36-325) awaits (yuck!)....
<Nitrozac> felleniod, yeah you can send a certified check or money order made to Geek Culture
<Felinoid> Caffine is life :)
<zedboy> Goodnight, y'all!
* maswan drinks some cola
<chromatic> See ya.
<roblimo> BTW, the limo is *not* a joke. see
*** zedboy has left #aftery2k
<chromatic> Debbie's sister has 900 numbers?
<chromatic> I can't dial all of those.
<Felinoid> Nitrozac: I'm personly really really scittish of checks and credit cards myself.. ug
<Nitrozac> felenoid or a normal check
<Zilo> you mean the bank doesn't take checks made out to Nitrozac? ;)
<copper42> rob: why have i seen that site before???
<roblimo> chroma: trust me, you *don't* want to meet either of Debbie's sisters.
<Pyr> Wow, the limo *ISn'T* a joke!@
<Snaggy> Bank of Nitrozac does
<Nitrozac> Roblimo any good limo stories?
<chromatic> Okay. I'll just move out of Idaho and that will help!
<Felinoid> You know the evil office cat should be here... she usually attacks me by now
<roblimo> copper42> got me. It's linked to from slashdot someplace. Or maybe you live in the Baltimore/Washington area and were shopping for limo service?
<roblimo> Limo stories? Too many to list. But my cab stories are better.
<Nitrozac> yeah cab stories! :)
<Felinoid> RobLimo: Tell is cab storys :)
<chromatic> Cab stories are always interesting.
<chromatic> Tell us the Tell!
<roblimo> Oh, man! You mean about the time the three girls started out by asking me which one had the nicest tits?
<copper42> it was probably slashdot, i guess it was b/c i didnt remeber how i got to it in the first place...
<chromatic> I didn't know cabs had tits.
<roblimo> They don
<Nitrozac> did they flash you?
<chromatic> Dumb girls. They should have taken auto shop.
<roblimo> 't. But the girls did. And they pulled up their blouses to show me.
<Pyr> hah
<copper42> i didnt know the TTBs were so hung up on their looks???
<Snaggy> did you say you'd really have to feel to be judge of them?
<Nitrozac> which one had the nicest?
<roblimo> Damn straight they flashed me. And everybody else, too, out the window.
* chromatic decides to grow a beard.
<roblimo> Nitrozac> I was gentlemanly and declared it a tie.
<Snaggy> the midle one is my guest... she's hot
<copper42> what rob isn't telling you is that they were all over 65...
<chromatic> Post-operative.
<roblimo> But then one wanted to know if I'd ever tried eating pussy while driving.
<Nitrozac> which one *really* had the nicest?
<roblimo> They were all in their 20s.
<Nitrozac> between you and me, and the rest of us
<Snaggy> and male
<Felinoid> eeek brb
<copper42> hehe
<Presence> :)
<Nitrozac> silence... and did you ever...?
<Zilo> roblimo?:? I'll be in D.C. in a week or so.
<roblimo> Really, they were all very nice. "Exotic" dancers on their night off, getting drunk and wild. Real women, all with perfectly nice breasts. Real ones, too. (I can tell)
<Snaggy> Rob... I was one of those girls!
*** SpeedyT has left #aftery2k
<chromatic> Snaggy was the one with three breasts and suckers all over them.
<copper42> long, intensive research, right?
<Zilo> ha
<roblimo> Well, one of the honeys dropped her drawers and shoved her ass over the seat...
<Zilo> roblimo?:? before or after marriage?
<Snaggy> HOW RUDE!
<roblimo> Zilo: $45/hour including tip, three hour minimum. :)
<Zilo> roblimo?:? gotcha.
<roblimo> Same hourly rate before and after marriage, of course. ;)
<NitroBot> Here's your bourbon roblimo.
<roblimo> Anyway, she had perfectly nice-looking female genitalia...
<Nitrozac> that's the sound of geek jaws dropping, I hear in the distance...
<Snaggy> Roblimo is drunk
<roblimo> ...and I was unmarried (between wives) at the time...
<chromatic> Sorry, Snaggy. I thought everyone had heard that cowboy love story.
<Snaggy> on honey
<Felinoid> Sorry.. had to deal with someone... :(
<roblimo> Snaggy> on only four drinks? No way!
<Snaggy> drunk on three honeys
<roblimo> Anyway, I declined the invitation. I was, like, driving.
<Nitrozac> then what happened?
*** thatdog has joined #aftery2k
<chromatic> Good thinking. If your mother was concerned about being in an accident with clean underwear... just imagine what she'd say!
<roblimo> And I had a real cool babe lined up after work already.
<roblimo> My mother's died in, um, 1974.
<Zilo> then you should be especially worries?
<Zilo> worried
<copper42> (pin drop)
*** Theophilous_Bolt has joined #AfterY2K
*** thatdog has quit IRC (Rächet sich einmal und rächet sich bald?)
<roblimo> So I took the three wild women to the Emerald Tavern, a biker bar in Parkville and set them on some laps, collected my fare (and a hefty tip) and left. All in anight's work.
<Nitrozac> wow
<roblimo> I only slept with a cab passenger once.
<Presence> <blink>
<Snaggy> was he cute?
<Nitrozac> let's here about that!
<chromatic> Was it Hugh Grant?
<roblimo> Depsite an average of three offers per week, not counting service tradeouts offered by prostitutes.
<Snaggy> was it hemos?
<copper42> i think we need to stop trying to out rob :)
<Nitrozac> I cna't believe how quiet everyone is!
<chromatic> Dude, Hemos IS Hugh Grant.
<Snaggy> I forgot... again!
<copper42> wow, my opinion of hemos just went way down....
<roblimo> No, sorry, it was a nice 35ish blonde, married feamle woman.
<Zilo> we just can't compete :)
<chromatic> Yeah, like I said. Hugh Grant.
<Snaggy> Like I said, Hemos
<roblimo> Sorry. I'm sorry to say I have a thing for grrls, not guys.
<Snaggy> mine went way up
<Theophilous_Bolt> We're not quiet...we're being reflective. Or we're plotting something...
*** dieMSdie has joined #aftery2k
<roblimo> Hemoas also likes girls. He's getting married soon, I think.
* Presence plots to start plotting.
<Nitrozac> don't be sorry bout that roblimo!
<maswan> Yeah, just plotting on how to get some NitroDNA for the next generation of NitroBots...
<Theophilous_Bolt> Mars needs women!
<roblimo> Nitrozac: I['m just sorry I didn;t meet you while I was single. Oh, well.
<chromatic> Mars has women.
* Zilo puts on the lab coat
<Nitrozac> Hmeos is HOT!
<roblimo> correction: Barsoom has women.
<Theophilous_Bolt> Oversupply is always desirable.
<Pyr> "Men are from earth, women are from earth, get over it"
<Nitrozac> Roblimo, well, maybe you did.. ;)
<Zilo> I wonder if my polymerase chain reactor needs a UPS or not.
<roblimo> Pyr: True.
<Theophilous_Bolt> If it qualifies as a handgun, UPS won't ship it ground freight...
<Snaggy> Hemos has lovely abs, at least after Y2K
<tmr> Nitrozac: hugh grant is stupid did you see what he slept with?
<chromatic> Hemos could beat me up.
<copper42> screw UPSs, get gas generators..
<Zilo> chroamtic: but you have duct tape
<roblimo> Nitrozac> No I didn't. If I had, we'd have fallen in love and would still be together, I assure you.
* chromatic is the Duct Tape Overlord.
<Nitrozac> *sigh*
<Zilo> copper42?:? gas generators are not known for their clean power for experimental medical equipment
*** dieMSdie has quit IRC (Leaving...?)
<roblimo> Nitrozac: I know, dollink. I feel the ame way.
<Nitrozac> tmr what was Hugh Grant thinking?!
<Theophilous_Bolt> Bah. Slap a fusion reactor on that puppy...
<Presence> do walkie talkies exist after-y2k? I mean, like, they could replace my old cell phone, no?
<copper42> sorry, im thinking about my dumbass ISP who has UPSs that last for about 5 1/2 min. after you lose power..
<roblimo> We'd probably have a line of hot-selling comix by now.
<copper42> so they are essentially useless..
<Theophilous_Bolt> Two tin cans and a loooooong string...
<Nitrozac> ROblimo, well, there just might be a shower scene... al la Linus...
<chromatic> Probably thinking "I could get Liz Hurley anytime!"
<chromatic> "How does the other side live?"
<Snaggy> I thought Liz Hurley was Hemos
<chromatic> No, that was the girl from Austin Powers 2: the search for punchlines from the first movie.
<copper42> do you work for Hugh's PR firm chromatic?
<roblimo> Nitrozac: please don't tease me. I could handle it from a normal woman, but even the thought of such with you is dangerous.
<chromatic> Look out! Rob is going to blow up!
<Theophilous_Bolt> Ooooooh...SHC -in chan-...sombody call Art Bell....
<chromatic> copper42, I am the Universal PR Machine.
<copper42> chro: is that like being a transformer?
<roblimo> Nitrozac: Toronto, right? What airlines go there from BWI? Will you pick me up if I call you when I get in, or just take a cab to your place?
<Nitrozac> *cough*
* tmr I knew I should have been a writer!
<Zilo> roblimo?:? I can answer all the airline question you have
<chromatic> It's like having a slightly-less-than-full job and lots of sardonic humor built up.
<Nitrozac> Roblimo, I'd get a Limo, just for you!
<Felinoid> Nitrozac: An image poped in my head... "This panel of the Felinoid shower seen was removed as to not scare away the TTB"
* chromatic pats Nitrozac on the back.
<Snaggy> Roblimo, remember to bring Debbie too.
<roblimo> (I want all you young virgin boyz to *take notes* dammit! This is how it's done.)
<Zilo> roblimo?:? Actually, Varig (Brazilian) typically has better fares from the east coast to toronto.
<Nitrozac> Roblimo, I think this is being logged
<tmr> rob: im logging all of this =)
<tmr> =)
<Nitrozac> :)
<chromatic> heh heh heh
<Zilo> roblimo?:? "this is how it's done" = buy a limo?
<NitroBot> Here's your vodka and cranberry Nitrozac.
<roblimo> NOTE: This chatroom pickup scenario is being performed by professionals under controlled conditions. *Don't try this at home!*
<Nitrozac> gulp, that's better!
<Theophilous_Bolt> Creative log interpretation brought to you by "SED"'s what's for dinner.
<Theophilous_Bolt> sed, rather...
<Nitrozac> LOL!
<copper42> yeah, but who at eschelon is going to care?
* Felinoid hugs Roblimo :)
<roblimo> Hey! I don't run Network Solutions. I can do what I want.
<Theophilous_Bolt> Case sensitive. I been working with AS/400 too much. B/
<chromatic> I thought pickups were more subtle.
<tmr> chr: it depends on who says them from the looks of things =)
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<Zilo> roblimo?:? I dunno. I tried to buy NZ a meal, but it didn't work.
<roblimo> Felinoid: Careful, boy. (You *are* a boy, right?)
<Felinoid> RobLimo: Yes
<Felinoid> RobLimo: :)
<Theophilous_Bolt> It's gender roulette night here on slashnet...
<chromatic> I tried to buy NZ some boots... heh heh
<Felinoid> RobLimo: I am evil thow :)
<copper42> i think roblimo has personal space issues?
<Zilo> russian gender roulette?
<Nitrozac> So, tell us about the 35 female, who, you know, in your cab!
<roblimo> Lissen, 'Zac's an artist and I'm a writer. We can do this sort of thing and get away with it.
<copper42> TB> lol
* chromatic is a writer too, actually.
<Theophilous_Bolt> Pardon me whilst I curl up into a fetishist's fugue, chro...
* chromatic wrote a fugue, once.
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<roblimo> Oh, we didn't do anything in the cab. That's tacky. Took her to her nice 'burbie home, she paid and tipped, then mentioned that her husband was out of town and she was lonely.
<Theophilous_Bolt> Aha! A highly evolved primate, I see....
<roblimo> She was a real blonde, and quite tasty, too.
<chromatic> Mmm, pizza.
<Nitrozac> so, what was the line you used?
<copper42> ...and that's when her husband walked in..
<tmr> ...and joined in...
<Snaggy> That when the husband took off his blond wig
<Pyr> euuu
<Felinoid> One of thies days when someone trys to tell me the boss says somethings ok when the boss tells me to let NO ONE do it I'm just going to outright tell them bullshit and go away
<Zilo> Crap. ùíù CTCP PING reply from tmr: 22.962 seconds
<roblimo> Nitrozac: no line. she was the instigator. And no, her husband didn't walk in. Nice, clean fun between two consenting adults.
<Nitrozac> wow
<Snaggy> Roblimo is now promoted to Geek God
<roblimo> Now (seriously) I'm heavily loyal to Debbie. She's my BABE!
* chromatic liked the other story better, the one with helicopters.
<Nitrozac> you mean you're not to fly to TO?
<Snaggy> pictures of Debbie please
<Theophilous_Bolt> And the ninjas!
<roblimo> Hint to geek guys: cute black women are America's most undervalued human resource.
<Zilo> Helicopters are fun
<copper42> i think i saw a dateline story on that...
<Theophilous_Bolt> YES! And asian indian and pakistani women...dark and exotic...
<Snaggy> Bambi love
* chromatic wonders what happened to all of the girls with glasses and braces in High School.
<Nitrozac> There's the booth geeks
<Zilo> chromatic?:? they got contacts anf fixed their teeth
<Snaggy> They all took Roblimos cab
<roblimo> but black women are generally - not exactly easy - that's not what I mean - but open.
* chromatic doesn't want an easy woman. He wants the right one.
<roblimo> chromatic: the ones in my high school all turned beautiful by 21 and got great pleaure from colding out the guys who'd looked down on them in HS.
<Zilo> amen to that
<copper42> picking one by their relative position to you seems just as arbitrary chro...
<Theophilous_Bolt> All depends...if you are from Southern California or Arkansas, you will generally have the same mindset...if you're from new england, you break out in cold sweats if someone walks withing three feet of you...
<chromatic> What do you mean, copper?
<copper42> it was a bad pun, using right (as in right and left) as opposed to right (correct)...
<roblimo> chromatic: I understand. I'm just saying that there are many more black women than men available to them, and many are surprisingly pleased if a white dude displays serious romantic interest in them
<Theophilous_Bolt> Ooops! That would be the pager. Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more!
<chromatic> Ohhhhh.
<Theophilous_Bolt> (What King Henry would have said if he had to go ressurect a 7-yr old RS/6000 box. At midnight. Ig. )
<roblimo> Well, I've always gotten along best with left-handed women. Debbie's left-handed. Nitrozac, I'll bet you are too...
<maswan> Theophilous_Bolt?:? have fun.. or something. :)
<copper42> fare thee well TB
<Nitrozac> well, I'm a rightie
<chromatic> RS/6000. Let the dead bury their dead.
<Theophilous_Bolt> I'l see if I can't slap yellow dog onthe beastie just to be contrary...
*** Theophilous_Bolt has quit IRC (Snak 3.0.1 -
<Felinoid> Left handed usually means artistic anmd Nitrozac is clearly very artistic :)
<Nitrozac> but if you want I'll do a cartoon lefthanded
<chromatic> Ahhh, roblimo crashes, burns, and we jump on the pieces.
<chromatic> I thought Before Y-2K was done left-handed.
<roblimo> Nitrozac: oh, well. I guess you and I were never meant to be.
<copper42> life is fun without risks
<copper42> which is why im probably not having that much fun...
<Felinoid> Nitrozac: Umm no please do the cartoons by your domonent hand
<Snaggy> Nitrozac's Canadian, the left-handed rule doesn't apply
<roblimo> chromatic: backing out gracefully when you realize it's a lost cause is an art in itself. A nice woman who isn't right (or left) for you may have a friend who is.
<Nitrozac> ROblimo, never say never ;)
<Presence> heh heh
<chromatic> Gracefully doesn't involve crying, does it?
<copper42> im sure nitro and rob are happily ensoncsed in some parallel universe...
* chromatic is moving to a parallel universe very soon.
<Zilo> my entire family (extended too) is left handed sans myself.
<roblimo> Nitrozac: (I'm crying) but with the Vivaldi piece I have playing in the background it's easy to get overly senitmental.
<Nitrozac> Roblimo any more cab stories?
<Zilo> There's probably some bad voodoo there. :)
<chromatic> Mmm, Vivaldi.
<Nitrozac> Roblimo, don't cry, I could always send you video tapes, that's not cheating is it?
* tmr wide eyed!
* chromatic likes to cry, too.
<Zilo> MPEG's are quicker than mail.
<copper42> isn't technology great?
<roblimo> Nitrozac: not tonight. I probably ought to get some sleep. Lots of work to do tomorrow. Slshdot is a cruel master.
* tmr is crying now!
* Zilo sniffs
*** chromatic is now known as tmr_
* tmr_ is a copycat.
*** tmr_ is now known as chromatic
<Nitrozac> LOL
<roblimo> Nitrozac: um, I think Debbie would consider videotapes cheating. So would I. You see, I really do love her.
<Nitrozac> I'll just slip it in the package I'm sending to the /. booth
* Felinoid is evil :)
<tmr> nitro: send tape here!
<chromatic> tmr, you're too young. You're only 14.
<tmr> chr: ahh go bite on some duck tape =P
<chromatic> Already doing that, to keep from crying.
<roblimo> Nitrozac: better not. Debbie'll probably open the package. She'll be there, remember - and (sadly) she has duties other than keeping my bed worm.
<Snaggy> love those bed worms
<chromatic> I had to let my bed worms go. They were fighting with the drape monsters.
<Nitrozac> well, I could address it another /. employee ;)
<copper42> they are my only friends...
* chromatic writes book reviews for /.
<roblimo> darn it. I need to find a way to type with a mouse. This CLI stuff is hard. Meant "warm" of course.
<chromatic> You could get a chordomatic, Rob.
<roblimo> "well, I could address it another /. employee ;)" but Debbie is admin support for ALL of us.
<copper42> " /. will have their first video review, with stills... "
<chromatic> I know Hemos' real mailing address....
<Snaggy> the video is for Debbie
<roblimo> chordomatic? Or a braillewriter, which is similar but lots cheaper.
<Zilo> Hahahoho
<Nitrozac> hmmm, she's got all the bases covered, well then, xoxoxo's will have to do
<chromatic> "Learn to Beat Your Husband in 24 Hours", by Nitrozac.
<tmr> Nitrozac: I can hand deliver it to rob? =)
<roblimo> That'll work. I'd better go. Debbie's naked in bed and...
<Snaggy> "How to show your tits to a cab driver"
<chromatic> Better get her a robe, quick!
<Nitrozac> Roblimo sweet dreams fair prince!
<copper42> have a good eveing sir!
<Zilo> roblimo?:? $60 from BWI to N. Virginia (~+/- 1 mi from DC)?
<chromatic> "Phony Press Releases for Dummies"
<maswan> Should the robe be recklessly thrown open?
<Snaggy> Roblimo, you rock, thanks for AWE'ing us tonight!
<chromatic> See ya Rob!
<roblimo> Zilo: we cross the Potomac, it's $70. Call Charles for details. I'm gone....
<Nitrozac> tmr are you going to Atlanta?
<tmr> laterz rob...
*** roblimo has left #aftery2k