Nitrozac and Snaggy's Abacus World Expo

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Richard Stallman at AWE!
The logs from RMS's Abacus World Expo keynote chat...
RMS: Hello
adrian: hello
Chilli: Hi
chromatic has opped RMS
fragment: Hi Richard!
_Hac: Woohoo
Nitrozac: Hi RMS!
greycat: Hello!
Grommit: it has been said that hello is there anyone out there
* Perci waves to RMS.
SeeFood: `Jag: my ass... he hasn't pulished anything in almost half a year. how hard is it to set up a CVS server for crying out loud?
chromatic: Everything 2 is almost out... patience....
Snaggy: Welcome to Abacus World Expo!
PyroP: Hi richard. Ignore the spit over the fire over there that's exactly your size. That's nothing.
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RMS: I was invited to talk about the CRAM project
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* zhix licks his lips
Asbel: SeeFood: Isn't this the same person who updates the code writing on the live server? :P
`Jag: SeeFood: actually, its incredibly easy to set one up :)
* Dyslexic basks in the glow of greatness
Nitrozac: What's the CRAM project
RMS: Ever since we had to use abacuses (abaci?) instead of computers
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Snaggy: Is that like BEAD?
RMS: we've had problems with secret societies that keep secrets about
RMS: how do do your computing on the abacus.
zhix: thus the term "Secret Societies", I bet.
chromatic: Down with proprietary bead patterns!
Chilli: TRuely a shame!
zhix: Abacus Assembly.
* greycat hisses at secret societies
Zilo: (for everyone's info: Merriam-Webster says "abaci" is the correct plural of "abacus")
RMS: The worst one is Mathematica. They teach people how to use abaci, yes,
RMS: but they make you promise not to show anyone else how you do it.
* drwiii proposes a GPL'ed OpenBead format
RMS: In fact, if you even do it where your friends and family can see,
RMS: they call you an "exhibitionist pirate" and drag you off to prison.
Zilo: Boo! Wolfram Research! Boo!
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_Hac: :O
teferi: Heh.
Grommit: rumour has it heh is that like being single
Dyslexic: mathematica? that calculus trainer thingie?
RMS: That's why we need the CRAM project.
Zilo: What does CRAM stand for?
RMS: CRAM stands for CRAM Really Aint Mathematica!
Zilo: ooooo ahhhhh
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_Hac: mmm
* teferi idly asks "Who saw that one coming"?
zhix: hah!
Dyslexic: hehe
hiway has quit IRC (Leaving)
RMS: Imagine being able to do arithmetic on your abacus
drwiii: CRAM/Abacus.. sounds painful, but intellectually intriguing!
RMS: without having to duck behind a door so that your customers won't see!
teferi: whee.
Maxwell_E: Will it do a linear regression in one easy step?
zhix: no more giant black curtain!
ScUmM_BoY: you mean in public??
* Nitrozac gets out her abacus
drwiii: people can do that in public?
RMS: Yes, you will actually be able to use your abacus in public now.
* teferi oils the wires on his abacus
greycat: that would certainly add to the thrill
drdink: what if I don't have an abacus?
RMS: To do calculations, that is.
* adrian modles a abacus in povray
drwiii: oh man!
Grommit: man is calling later
zhix: oh.
zhix: I already use my abacus to hit people, in public.
RMS: If you want to do certain other things with it in public,
RMS: that might beconsidered obscene.
* Chilli takes out his LambdAbacus.
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teferi: Heh.
Grommit: rumour has it heh is that like being single
ScUmM_BoY: ummm yes... calculations... heh
greycat: by godel numbering, everything can be reduced to a calculation
Nitrozac: LOL
`Jag: RMS: but when I bought my abacus I had to agree to a license that said I can't do that..
greycat: so we're free to do whatever we like with out abaci in public!
`Jag: that = using it in public
RMS: Jag, you have to throw away that abacus and get a new one
teferi: `Jag: Yo-yeah.
drwiii: will there be a LISP version?
RMS: that doesn't deny you your freedom.
drdink: RMS: will there be an emacs abacus addon?
greycat: but I have a GNU/Linabacus already -- isn't that free?
fragment: RMS: I realize that maybe the EFF has taken the front seat in the political arena, but given Mexico's adoption of Linux nationwide, what kind of potential do you see for some kind of mandate for public funds going to open source software like this, specifically for public education?
zhix: I built my own abacus, neener.
RMS: A Lisp version? I am not sure. It might take you a year or two
zhix: screw those retail abaci
Zilo: fragment: ROFL!R#
fragment: (in the U.S.)
RMS: to evaluate (fib 5).
RMS: Mexico tried adopting the GNU/Linux system back when they had computers.
RMS: Alas, for those days.
Maxwell_E: Aren't they leading in inexpensive Abaci production now?
Asbel: Hmmmm. Such an unencumbered abacus would doubtless be easier to trust when you can see the source (rather than trust that some anonymous cubicle inhabitant got every single one of those regression tests right for you...)
`Jag: how much do these abacus' cost that let you use them in public?
RMS: But at least they were not as dependent on computers as the US was.
drdink: `Jag: abaci!
RMS: So it was less of a disaster for them.
drdink: RMS: what about the sliderule(sp?). Any GNU plans for it?
RMS: I don't know how much the various brands of abacus cost.
Snaggy: Viva Abaci!
RMS: Maybe you can build your own if you want.
RMS: For me the important thing is that ONCE YOU HAVE your abacus,
RMS: you should not have to hide while you calculate with it!
Zilo: RMS: Do you preferred big-beadian or little-beadian?
teferi: Heh.
Grommit: rumour has it heh is that like being single
teferi: Yeah!
Grommit: yeah.
nic: now we can see why the abacus industry sees RMS as subversive
drwiii: wow, maybe with CRAM/Abacus i won't have to keep sliding all my beads back to their default position like i have to do with this expensive Math-rosoft model..
Snaggy: I believe there's a number of build your own workshops at AWE.
* Nitrozac want to build her own, assembling parts now
RMS: I am struggling to understand what Grommit is saying.
ScUmM_BoY: RMS: will my customers be compatable with CRAM, or will i have to convert them?
RMS: Can anyone explain to me?
greycat: RMS: grommit is a bot
Zilo: RMS: grommit is a bot of some type
_Hac: infobot?
greycat: RMS: he's automatically responding to random comments
Grommit: well, infobot is a rad kinda bawt with a great sense of smell
adrian: Grommit: seen RMS/
Grommit: I haven't seen 'RMS/', adrian
adrian: Grommit: seen RMS?
Grommit: RMS was last seen on IRC 22 seconds ago, saying: Can anyone explain to me? [Sat Oct 9 19:59:08 1999]
RMS: To Scummboy (sorry, I don't do studlycaps), you may have to CRAM
RMS: the new methods down the throats of some people.
* Chilli wonders how to fit all that lambdAbacus terms on the strings.
PyroP: RMS: Eh, he never really got over the switch to abaci, and it made him kind of odd in the head.
RMS: There are people who just can't stand freedom.
zhix: like me!
zhix: <-- wants to enslave you all, and rule with an iron fist.
drwiii: oh no!
* zhix laughs evilly and stuff
drwiii: zhix = red hat
Grommit has been kicked off the channel by Nitrozac (Nitrozac)
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ScUmM_BoY: will there be an easy conversion method? or will it have to be created specifically for each user?
RMS: We don't have to worry about zhix. After all, people can't even say his name.
Chilli: :-)
Zilo has banned "*!*grommit@*" from the channel
greycat: Are there any abaci available right now for purchase that are CRAM compliant?
Grommit has been kicked off the channel by Nitrozac (Nitrozac)
drdink: RMS: Will CRAM be modular?
drwiii: can i script my calculations now?
RMS: I think the typical human user has a standard organ called the mouth
zhix: RMS - "the h is silent", I plan to have that slogan spead all over the cities when I rule.
* mobtek smiles
RMS: down which all sorts of things can be crammed.
* zhix chuckles
drwiii: will this replace GNU bc for all my math-doing needs?
* mobtek wanders off to do perl homework {:P
mobtek has quit IRC (mobtek has no reason)
RMS: You can think of CRAM as GNU AD. BC is now a thing of the past.
drwiii: ahh :)
greycat: hee hee
teferi: Heh/
teferi: argh.
* teferi kills qwerty
* Perci thinks . o O ( Wouldn't that be AY - After Y2k? )
RMS: Someone asked if CRAM will be modular.
Dormando: RMS; are you a AI box?
Dormando: a/an
drwiii: will it be backward compatible with old proprietary abacus formats?
Zilo: (my info was partially inaccurate. "Inflected Form(s): plural aba·ci /'a-b&-"sI, -"kE; &-'ba-"kI/; or aba·cus·es")
Nitrozac: RMS are you saying we're to CRAM it in our mouths?
RMS: All arithmetic on the abacus is modulo a certain power of ten.
drdink: RMS: will it work with FreeBSD?
Perci: Edible abaci. The mind boggles. :)
RMS: You can use your mouth, unless you prefer another opening.
fragment: heh
Nitrozac: LOL
PyroP: Abaci made of frozen sold Nitrozac Ripple ice cream!
* Perci arches an eyebrow. :)
PyroP: ...heh
Snaggy: I made my abacus with lifesaver candy
RMS: What does the second L in LOL stand for?
Nitrozac: I like it!
zhix: RMS - loud.
Nitrozac: Laugh Out Loud , LOL!
RMS: Oh, I thought it was "Lots of (something)".
drdink has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by drdink_)))
nic: I always thought it was Lots Of Luck
zhix: LOL, ROFL, U R 2 KEWL. and etc.
Nitrozac: That too, Lots of Love!
drwiii: Lots of Linux!! oops, i mean GNU/Linux :)
* zhix gags
MenTaLguY ( has joined the channel
Snaggy: Lemons over LucyLawless
drwiii: "LOG/L".
Xavier ( has joined the channel
PyroP: LoG/L?
RMS: THank you for correcting the error yourself.
* Nitrozac sends Lots of Love to RMS
adrian: heh
* Perci grins.. and the Universal Interrogative Particle, "wtf?"
RMS: MMMMMMMMMMMMM that feels nice, Nitrozac.
drdink ( has joined the channel
aatharuv: ~
Nitrozac: :)
ScUmM_BoY: wheres the camp admin to break that up?
zhix: will CRAM make my hair look nicer, and nag me more chicks?
RMS: ROFL is "Read our letters?"
matthewg ( has joined the channel
* Perci grumbles - keynoters have all the luck :)
Snaggy: she's in the sex tent, where else
greycat: RMS: rolling on (the) floor laughing
SeeFood: I actually have a GNU/Solaris machine at work, what can I say.
Nitrozac: Roll On The Floor Loving
RMS: CRAM won't affect your hair unless you get it tangled up
Asbel: Does CRAM have a Universal 'Rithmetic Locator of any sort yet? :) Or is it solely a coming-soon
RMS: in the abacus sticks.
* greycat likes nitrozac's interpretation
zhix: ah.
MenTaLguY: Hey, RMS, has anyone ever written you about the Y2K-compliance problem in the GPL? (actually in the boilerplate bit at the end) If so, what did you say to them?
drwiii: is the FSF going to IPO? ;>
zhix: I got a foot of hair cut off yesterday. grr.
drdink: drwiii: hahah
zhix: the woman at the hair cutting place messed up and left me with two inches of hair.
RMS: I think IPO stands for "I Peek Out". The FSF doesn't have to peek out,
RMS: because we are always looking around.
Zilo: I wonder if cryptography will be safe with the Number Bead Sieve.
* Nitrozac dissassembles Mr. Beaded Seat from the cab driver, and starts on her new Free CRAM Abacus!
drwiii: heh heh
Maxwell_E: RMS: When will we see the FAF?
teferi: FBF!
Dormando: argh, it's an electronic fortune cookie
RMS: FAF -- Free Arithmetic Foundation?
* Maxwell_E nods
teferi: wait, nm.
RMS: The FBF is the Federal Bureau of Fumbling.
drwiii: Didn't Mathrosoft patent ones and zeroes?
Chilli: :-)
MenTaLguY: Sure, but the patent expired several thousand years ago.
RMS: We will have to invent our own new kinds of ones and zeroes.
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michael: drwiii, That still leaves 2-9!
drwiii: ahh, of course!
zhix: we can use A & Z's
RMS: Fortunately you don't need ones or zeros on an abacus.
drdink: Would the FSF like to buy ad space on some websites? :>
Nitrozac: RMS, with sticks and stones?
RMS: All you have is beads in one place or another place.
PyroP: I never liked arabic numerals anyways.
fragment: drwiii: You can' t patent ones and zeroes, just certain strings of them, like 10 or 01.
MenTaLguY: RMS, that's still dual-state logic.
ScUmM_BoY: is there any special rituals that have to be done to make a CRAM complient Abacus?
matthewg: RMS: Is there a place for proprietary numbering/arithmetic systems in today's markeplace?
RMS: The point is that if your beads are here or there,
SeeFood: Free Abacus Foundation, nice ring to it.
RMS: no one can prove there's a one or a zero anywhere.
Zilo: there is no more true or false. Just foo and bar.
drwiii: fragment: patent 00, 01, 10, and 11 and you've got them all :(
greycat: fragment: copyright, not patent
fragment: RMS: Very Zen.
drdink: RMS: will the bead color be customizable with an over-fancy interface like that of GTK?
RMS: The abacus has bars in it, but no foos.
Myriad: Quantuum Abacus Computing!
RMS: UNless the beads are the foos.
MenTaLguY: hmm.
Chilli: RMS: Will there be a Chrome Desktop for CRAM?
Zilo: hrm
RMS: Many people keep their abaci on their desktops,
drwiii: will it play MP3s? or are they still patented :)
Nitrozac: but will it fold into a tent?
hiway: beads...
RMS: but we don't plan to supply special desktops for them.
teferi: foo counters.
zhix: Will CRAM have themes? So I can still get away with having no actual talent at anything, but still be popular for making crappy themes? :D
Dormando: what if I want to use different colors for my beads?
Dormando: can I have square beads?
RMS: With a free abacus, you can paint the beads whatever color you like.
matthewg: Bead textures!
zhix: cause, themes are a really important feature in abaci today!
drwiii: do we have free paint?
Zilo: non-linear beading
matthewg: And bead skins!
RMS: Unless someone has patented something like "painting beads red".
* zhix snickers
greycat: scented beads!
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RMS: You can patent any old stupid thing in the US.
Nitrozac: can I give mine away?
RMS: You can even sell your abacus. That's freedom.
SeeFood: why stop there? 4 dimensional beads!
Chilli: RMS: But without a Chrome environment, how can we use CorbAbacus?
* fragment worries someone will patent his blood type.
Perci: I imagine MS will have patented painting beads blue - for the BBOD (Blue Beads of Death)
* Dormando patents painted beads
drwiii: a 3d abacus? intriguing..
Maxwell_E: That'd be tricky, seeing as how Bill is still in the bathroom.
PyroP: SeeFood: Yeah! Who cares if it's physically impossible?
RMS: Blue Beads of Death--that reminds me of Apple Gunkies.
drwiii: perci: my Mathrosoft abacus always does that :( i have to slide all the beads back to their default position.
MenTaLguY: you mean, an abacus with more than one plane of motion?
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drdink: RMS: If I decide that I don't like CRAM, can I install a different Bead System (like Free Bead Sorting Directive) on it?
MenTaLguY: all abacauses are inherently 3d, of course.
michael: abaci.
fragment: drwiii: Tilt left to restart?
Zilo: Uh oh. Abacus patents.
Mr-Ikari: hmmmm
md: don't abacuses generally have 1 axis of motion?
* Perci just shakes his like an Etch-O-Sketch. That appeared to be Y2k compliant. :-)
Mr-Ikari: weird
RMS: Imagine that instead of linear bars,
md: fine, abaci.
* MenTaLguY thinks
drwiii: the bars are restrictive.. can't we just have the foos (beads) and a border to contain them?
Dormando: oo!
Mr-Ikari: you guys are having a meaningful conversation about abacuses
Dormando: networked abaci!
RMS: an abacus has bars with joints in them.
Dormando: slide your beads down a water line to other people!
SeeFood: PyroP: only a temporary hurdle. you can use a 3d abaci cluster as a model projection of a 4d abacus
RMS: So there are more than two places you can put each bead.
Perci: Mr-Ikari - this _is_ the Abacus World Expo, after all...
PyroP: SeeFood: ah, i see.
MenTaLguY: You know, in the US, you actually _could_ trademark the use of the color red in abacuses
Mr-Ikari: bahahaha
Mr-Ikari: well
fragment: RMS: Are you sure they don't have joints with bars in them? They'd be much more popular that way.
Nitrozac: What games can we play on our Abaci
drdink: why not use velcro beads?
Mr-Ikari: i invented the iAbacus
drdink: then its Freeform
Mr-Ikari: and its going to rule the world
_Hac: nit: A really simple version of Tetris?
drwiii: Nitrozac: didn't John Carmack port Quake to the abacus?
RMS: If you go to a joint with a bar in it, I don't recommend
RMS: you try to use your abacus for the rest of the evening.
greycat: nitrozac: connect 4 should be a simple port
drdink: RMS: how about a bar with a joint in it?
hiway: ah geez, an Ikari ruling the world? That's not good at all...
copper42 has quit IRC (Leaving)
chromatic: RMS, are there any plans for future free Abacus expandability?
RMS: What is an ikari?
Mr-Ikari: bah
* Perci thinks . o O ( special beads shaped for playing Tetris? )
md: That sounded vaugely obscene.
Maxwell_E: RMS: That would be a rat bastard.
hiway: Uh, never mind
Mr-Ikari: RMS: it's a character from a jap anime show =p
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drwiii: so this abacus will be *totally* free?
hiway: Well, either a rat bastard or a really whiny kid, depends which one we're talking about
drdink: RMS: ignore Mr-Ikari... he's, well, insane
Maxwell_E: Good point.
RMS: We plan to make abacus expansion kits that contain 5 additional digits.
Mr-Ikari: i am not insane
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Zilo: This statement is false.
* Mr-Ikari ports pico to the abacus
michael: hiway, What about a really whiny rat bastard kid?
RMS: They all say they are not insane, right.
fragment: RMS: If I have a Palmbacus, what differentiates it from the abacus on my desk?
drdink: Mr-Ikari: emacs.
chromatic: RMS, can I choose my own radix?
Dormando: mini abacus?
drwiii: are there newsgroups already set up for the CRAM/Abacus?
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Dormando: I want a sailor moon abacus!
hiway: michael: yeah, I suppose you could say that...
Mr-Ikari: bah
matthewg: RMS: What are you thoughts on US abacus export restrictions?
RMS: A palmbicus is made for running Frondz Lisp.
drdink: RMS: Do you have any feelings about Abacus Visors(TM)?
morph-: RMS: what flavors will the Abacus be available in?
Mr-Ikari: Hmmm
drwiii: is the proper name "Abacus" or "CRAM/Abacus"?
RMS: What is an abacus visor?
Perci: RMS: How does Abaci networking, er, work? A piece of string between two abaci?
* greycat runs Show Pan on his abacus
morph-: i'm really looking forward to blueberry...
Zilo: yeah, I don't get it, export restrictions on more than 16 rows of beads? You could just add beads after-market, once they're exported
Mr-Ikari: Cisco could make an Abacus Router
drdink: RMS: a visor with an abacus on it? :)
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RMS: If you tie strings between a bead on one abacus and a bead on another abacus
fragment: Perci: I think they link the quantum states of the beads (thus the foo).
RMS: then when user A moves per bead up, the bead on user B's abacus
RMS: will move up too. That is abacus networking.
zhix: abacus networking!
_Hac: Nifty.
drwiii: that'd be great.. if we hooked two CRAM/Abaci up, we could set up our very own Beadowulf cluster!
Mr-Ikari: hmmmm
drdink: RMS: better yet, forget the string. Use magnetic beads
michael: heh, beadowulf
Mr-Ikari: Novell : Networking Abacuses
zhix: "I bet this would make a great beowulf cluster!"
teferi: Heh.
Dormando: RMS: we're discussion what kind of an AI you are, would you please specify? Oh, and what kind of an abacus do you use?
* chromatic is investigating bead harmonics for his Master's Thesis.
* Perci grins.
zhix: "btw, first post!"
RMS: Magnetic beads will intefere with other beads on the same bar.
Zilo: What do you think about the new SATC (string-and-tin-can) communications protocols? What should we do to keep them open?
matthewg: Yeah, and wireless bead networks are still too slow.
drwiii: matthewg: fiber beads are the logical next step
RMS: Either they stick together or the push each other apart.
Mr-Ikari: TCP/IP over SATC would rock!
greycat: mr-ikari: I hear avian carriers are making a big comeback
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Nitrozac: it would be hard to calculate with magnetic beads
* Perci wonders about bead flooding - throwing lots of beads at someone's abacus till it falls over - what kind of preventative measures are in place to deal with such networking attacks?
RMS: The most interesting kind of wearable abacus is the one that
Mr-Ikari: HAHAHA
Zilo: Superconducting beads, hrmm......
Mr-Ikari: Firewall
fragment: Zilo has a good point. Are we doing enough to make sure SATC string can still support abacus beads?
Mr-Ikari: you light a fire
SeeFood: and don't forget there is already an RFC for TCP/IP for pigeons.
RMS: uses flexible strings instead of bars.
Mr-Ikari: in front of your abacus
drwiii: magnetic beads.. that'd make saving my work easy..
matthewg: Yes, but with fiber beads, you're vulnerable to Denial Of Light attacks by people with big sun umbrellas.
RMS: They are called necklaces, I think.
Mr-Ikari: and other peoples beads burn up when they get next to your abacus
Nitrozac: ah, necklaces!
greycat: seefood: yes, I was thinking of that
RMS: Some people have been using them as a way of doing calculations in pubic.
drwiii: we could interface with the existing telecom lines and pass beads at the speed of light!
RMS: In public (oops).
zhix: hey.
Nitrozac: and praying
_Hac: hahaaha
zhix: pubic calculation is fun.
RMS: If caught, they say "That's not an abacus!"
zhix: and stimulating.
* teferi is away :: [brb] (+lp)
md: freudian slit!
hiway: I'll take freudian slips for 200, alex...
stuyman ( has joined the channel
greycat: drwiii: well, *near* speed of light anyway
fragment: RMS: Some people will object, and say CRAM is not finger-friendly.
bgrebs: the problam with pubic calculation is, you can only count to 1
drdink: how about laser abaci?
drwiii: RMS: I've seen people try to pass them off as those things people put on their car seats
drdink: instead of beads, you have projecting lasers
Mr-Ikari: High speed networking
RMS: That depends on how many you have. I've been able to count to 3.
Mr-Ikari: put beads in a slingshot
Goatbert ( has joined the channel
md: greycat; near speed of light rips holes in the cosmos if it weighs more than a gamma ray.
Mr-Ikari: and try to hit the right beads on the other abacus
greycat: md: for certain values of "near"
* Chilli is thinking about the potential of quantum beads to make micro abaci...
jetpack ( has joined the channel
md has quit IRC (dinner)
matthewg: Is CRAM vulnerable to crackers? I've heard that the plastic which the beads are made of is very brittle.
* Perci orders an Abacus World Expo shirt. :)
Dyslexic has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Myriad thinks Chilli would end up playing hell with string theory
RMS: If you have quantum fingers, you might be able to manipulate a quantum bead.
fragment: Chilli: micro-abaci or virtual abaci?
Octal: Chilli: problem with that is that you need a microscope and tweezers to use it.
Nitrozac: we should BEAD-out by the campfire
RMS: If you get cracker crumbs on your abacus, just about any method
michael: Is CRAM vulnerable to crackers? I'm worried about whether I should eat around it.
stuyman: RMS: How do you see FreeBSD as a member of the open-source community in a future where Linux has become mainstream?
greycat: matthewg: but you are free to replace the fragile plastic beads
chromatic: RMS, does Moore's Law hold true for bead density?
RMS: of arithmetic will have trouble.
drwiii: what happens if some big corporation comes along and tries to steal our Abacus?
Mr-Ikari: bahahaha
matthewg: greycat: Oh yeah, since the edges of CRAM are open.
RMS: I have no opinions about what will happen to the "open source" community
Chilli: Manipulating the Quantum-Beads might only be a matter of the right interface.
Mr-Ikari is now known as AbacusGates
greycat: matthewg: exactly
RMS: because I don't think of my community by that name.
AbacusGates: give me all your abacuses
AbacusGates: right now
AbacusGates: !~
AbacusGates is now known as Mr-Ikari
greycat: RMS: are you a member of the Free Bead community
* teferi is back :: [ni] (2m 51s)
RMS: Will someone shut those Gates?
fragment: RMS: Do you still use your abacus for fun?
RMS: Yes, the Free Software community, the Free Bead community, and so on.
Perci: Nitrozac: What option should I pick for International delivery? Air mail?
hiway: See, the thing with that is beads are *hardware*...
drdink: I told you Mr-Ikari was insane
Octal: I would like to get a multi-dimensional abacus.
drdink: but you didn't believe me
drdink: ...
Mr-Ikari: drdink: i am not!
hiway: What's a non-clumsy term for "bead pattern"? Other than "software", of course =)
Zilo: This statement is still false!
drwiii: hiway: matrix?
Nitrozac: Perci where are you?
jetpack: RMS: I opened my beads, but now my abacus doesnt work. what gives?
Perci: The UK.
Perci: It's 2am ;)
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RMS: Jetpack, you'll have to describe precisely what you try to do on your
RMS: abacus, or I cannot helpyou.
RMS: If you opened your beads, perhaps they are now falling off the bars.
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fragment: RMS: Speaking of Jetpack's problems, what are your feelings of third parties supporting the CRAM and/or abacus platform for profit?
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drwiii: are we permitted to run the Z Window System on our high-resolution abaci?
SeeFood: I only fear that CRAM will be too heavy to run on most abaci, requiring relacing with closer wires and smaller bead technology, since adding a swap section on the abacii (virtual beads to swap to) is tricky...
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drdink: will CRAM/Abacus be able to run beamons somewhat like my GNU/Linux box can run daemons?
RMS: Abaci are not very heavy, so most users should have no trouble
RMS: supporting their own abaci. Even on one hand.
MenTaLguY: I believe the issues are are "IP" issues, rather than hardware issues. For instance: the design of the beads, and the abacus management systems
jetpack: RMS: ok, ok. i wanted to open source my abacus dev progs... so i started opening beads ( found some coffee beens in my Be
jetpack: ... but ..
drwiii: i suggest snap-on extensible bars.
drwiii: that way your abacus can count forever!
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chromatic: That solves the clustering issues.
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drdink: does each bead get an IP on a bar-separated subnet?
RMS: Just don't put on so many bars that you end up behind bars!
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greycat: drdink: you can number your beads however is most convenient
drdink: and do you use something like DHCP to deal with snap in bars and beads
_Hac: I'm thinking of extending mine with old FM radio antennas...
jetpack: RMS: after i'd opened all the beads, nothing would run! seems like open beading is a method for disaster? how can any program work if all the beads are open!?
PyroP: drk: We need to wait until IBeadv6 for each bead to get an IP.
NitroBot: Here's your Upper Canada .9 beer RMS.
* chromatic gags
PyroP: ^drk^drdink
tmr: Why didn't anyone tell me my bot was down =)
Xavier: the question is: how scalable ARE abacci?
greycat: jetpack: you have to reassemble the beads after opening them
fragment: jetpack: You have to rebuild the frame to allow opening of that many beads.
RMS: You would need a pretty big abacus before you could even try to scale it.
Nitrozac: sorry tmr, thought you were working on her
drwiii: my abacus can communicate at 9600 bead
RMS: My abacus is so small I could climb onto itwith one step.
jetpack: greycat: i did, but the rebeader gave me *alot* of errors :P
drdink: RMS: can the metal bars be replaced with strings and be used as a musical modem?
* tmr waves hello to rms, sorry im late...
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* SeeFood is falling asleep at the KB. 3am here and school starts tommorow. kiss goodnight everyone!
matthewg: Does CRAM support Symettric Multi-Beading?
Zilo: RMS: do you consume virtual alcohol?
greycat: jetpack: it takes some practice to master the reassembly -- keep at it
drwiii: if you climb on it, won't it break?
RMS: Yes, and you can tune the note as you calculate, by moving th ebeads.
chromatic: Perhaps we could make a combination SuperAbacus/Climbing Wall
Nitrozac: bye seefood
RMS: Yes, I just broke my abacus by trying to climb on it. Damn!
fragment: Is it culturally insensitive to point out that Apache won't work on abaci?
greycat: seefood; you have school on sundays? yuck!
jetpack: greycat: is there a special version of i need to use?
RMS: I guess that means I gotta go and build myself a new abacus.
drdink: How easy will it be to calculate the odds of another FSF existing in a paralell dimension or on another planet with my CRAM/Abacus?
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* Nitrozac runs over with her toolkit
greycat: jetpack: you should use the CRAM Bead Compiler (CBC)
chromatic: Go for the superior RISC Abacus.
SeeFood: greycat: I'm in Israel, Our weekend is fri-sat, not sat-sun. crazy Jews :-)
greycat: seefood: ah, ok
RMS: How do I sigh
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RMS: How do I sign off IRC?
chromatic: type /me sighs.
greycat: RMS: "/me sighs"
Zilo: RMS: "/me sighs"
drwiii: don't you keep backups of your abacus?
jetpack: greycat: anthing that has the acronym of CBC must be evil :P
matthewg: RMS: /quit
Nitrozac: seefood whatever you do, don't click on the PLayboy banners! ;)
Zilo: RMS: "/exit (optional exit message)
RMS: Good bye, and happy hacking.
drwiii: bye, RMS :)
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fragment: Rounded-Interior, Small Circumference beads?
chromatic: Thanks for coming!
chromatic: You got it, fragment.
fragment: Bye RMS!
Maxwell_E: That was interesting.
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Chilli: RMS: bye
Zilo: wow. neat.
* Nitrozac sends RMS LOL
hiway: heh, that was...interesting
Zilo: 46 ppl. Dang
Nitrozac: BYe RMS
jetpack: RMS: and that's another thing (i harped about it last night) when will we see standard drivers for sound? I'm tired of not being able to hook my bongos up to my abacus
chromatic: Mmm, lots of licorice.
PyroP: Bwah, he left before we could eat him!
Chilli: zilo: yeah, cool guy
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Nitrozac: Whoo, that was cool!
_Hac: :)
drwiii: RMS is da man ;>
Maxwell_E: Deedy.
* Perci grins.
drdink: he left kinda quick
Zilo: Chilli: yep, it was interesting having dinner with him
SeeFood: Nitrozac: goodnight! sorry for earlier... and cya some other night again :-)
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