Nitrozac and Snaggy's Abacus World Expo

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Hemos at AWE!
The logs from Hemo's Abacus World Expo keynote chat...
hemos: lots of people - good mix of people around though.
SNiP: Its all sticky and stuff.
Nitrozac: hello
Grommit: privet, Nitrozac
BeDope: welcome Nitrozac!
Nitrozac: Hi Hemos!
SNiP: Hi Nitrozac
hemos: hello
BeDope: how is your booted self today?
Nitrozac: Hello BeDOpe!
tmr ( has joined the channel
ChanServ has opped tmr
tmr: heya be
tmr: hello nitro =)
hemos: Hey there...
Nitrozac: I'm fine
Nitrozac: hi tmr!
tmr has opped Nitrozac
BeDope: hemos: i see you have actualy furniture of the non inflatable kind this time
Nitrozac: is nitrobot still being a bitch
* SNiP inhales some cereal.
tmr: my connection seams really flaky today hmmm...
Otter: Nitrozac: the quaking in today's comic gave me motion sickness, like Blair Witch Project
tmr: nitro: yeah it was being bitchy today morning for some odd reson and DID NOT want to come on! =)
tmr: heya snip
SNiP: Howdy tmr
Nitrozac: otter, I'm sorry! oh well!
Nitrozac: hi snip
SNiP: In less than 24 hours I'm going to be on my way home,, and then its weekend.. :)
Nitrozac: So how's the show Hemos?
SNiP: Nitrozac : Explain to me, who is that guy standing behind the curtain at the slashdot booth ?
Nitrozac: that's the very famous picture guy
SNiP: I have been pondering this ever since I stopped panic'ing about my cofee mug being gone.
SNiP: oh
SNiP: I see.
hemos: The show is going well - lots of press releases and people who don't knwo the difference between Open Source and Shareware.
SNiP: Heheh
tmr: hemos what do thouse people say/ask? =)
Nitrozac: Hemos, do they get squirted with a water gun?
SNiP: tmr : I would belive they just waddle around goin 'muuuh'
Otter: Here's a milestone in my life - today I modified an open source app to suit my needs. For the first time.
hemos: Well, usually they send attractive girls around handing out releases, and at some booths they get persecuted.
hemos: Nitrozac: Water. Clusters. Eck!
SNiP: Uh oh
Nitrozac: who gets persecuted the girls?
hemos: Yeah - I feel bad for them, because they're just doing a job, but the companies that do that are...pariah. But, they are still cute. *grin*
Nitrozac: do they get paid well?
hemos: Probably not.
tmr: hemos well tip them! =)
Nitrozac: doesn't Andover hire chicks to get guys to dance?
Nitrozac: ;)
BeDope: but they get all the free penguin hats they can carry
hemos: Heh - I've got a few ways in mind.
Nitrozac: I wonder if the penguin hats are going fast
hemos: We've got User Friendly next door, and on the other side.
SNiP: Whoa.
Nitrozac: Is Mr Zenn around?
BeDope: tell garrett i say "hi" :)
hemos: I don't think there's any penguin hats, which is, of course, a fashion nightmare.
Nitrozac: Hi Inging!
Nitrozac: Isn't Grommit a bot?
tmr: yes he is
Nitrozac: grommit serve hemos a drink
tmr: I sometimes think inging is a bot too
Nitrozac: inging serve me a drink
tmr: grommit dosen't do drinks
Nitrozac: useless bots!
tmr: hehe
SNiP: One of my coworkers is a droid.
danchez ( has joined the channel
Nitrozac: hi danchez
SNiP: At least I'm pretty sure he is..
danchez: hello
Grommit: niihau, danchez
SNiP: Uh eh..
td0 ( has joined the channel
Nitrozac: brb
tmr: k
tmr: good mornin td0
* SNiP waddles off in a quest for more cereal.
td0: morning
hemos: Whew - trying to keep up with posting stories and people. We're having a party tonight, should be fun.
SNiP: Oooh much rejoycing was to be senced in my office today..
SNiP: I managed to get my claws on a LD copy of cheech & chongs 'nice dreams'
Nitrozac: back
Nitrozac: Hemos, chromatic says hello
tmr: nitro: he still can't get out of his firewall I take it? =0
tmr: er =)
SNiP: Ironicly, the disc was $24, and shipping and customs will be over fifty.. :/
Nitrozac: tmr didn't you get out of your firewall?
tmr: nitrozac: yeah I offered him to be routed through me but he's afraid =)
SNiP: Heheheh
Nitrozac: ok, so how is Linux pronounced, I've been called it Leenix lately
tmr: nitro: some other co-worker was caught doing bad things at work so he dosne't want to do anything out of the ordnary...
Nitrozac: tm, why is he afraid?
SNiP: Lee noux
hemos: Nitrozac: That's wrong. It's Lin-ucks.
* tmr sides with hemos
Nitrozac: thank you Hemos!
td0: I hate when people say line ux
SNiP: Yah
td0: lynn ux
Nitrozac: maybe I should invent the Canadian way to say it
Nitrozac: Lin-owks
Nitrozac: Lin-uuuks
tmr: don't forget the eh
hemos: Yeah, mispronouncing is one of my pet peeves.
Nitrozac: everybody in the world mispronounces my last name,
hemos: What's your last name?
tmr: hmm the russian version lin-uksky =)
BeDope: i believe that is classified information :)
tmr: yeah nitro whats the last name?
td0: "Sos I's went ta instol dat dare linox." "Oh? How'd dat go fer ya, eh?"
SNiP: Besides that kid page thing on slashdot today, teaches that you should never talk about that kindda stuff..
Nitrozac: my last name is....
CowboyNeal ( has joined the channel
Nitrozac: do you really think I'd say?
td0: CowboyNeal? Your last name is CowboyNeal?
CowboyNeal: my last name is pater... :P
hemos: Damnit! Pater is here.
SNiP: Go figure.. ;)
CowboyNeal: 'lo hemos, NZ, all...
SNiP: My last name is .dk
Nitrozac: hi cowyboyneal
Nitrozac: it's one of those crazy European last names
Nitrozac: maybe
SNiP: Hehe
Nitrozac: Smith
CowboyNeal: supposedly Dutch, but it looks more Latin-y to me. =)
SNiP: Most things about europeans are crazy
BeDope: i thought "Nitrozac" was like "Sting" or "Madonna" - no last name needed
td0: my previous two last names always got butchered, but my current (and final) last name, 'Walker' never gets said wrong
hemos: I refuse to call him CowboyNeal. Pater. Just Pater.
CowboyNeal: hehe
Nitrozac: BeDope that's true!
CowboyNeal: and I call hemos "sweet cheeks"...
BeDope: td0 how often do you change names? :)
td0: well, once when I was adopted in the 3rd grade, and once when I didn't want to be associated with my step-father anymore..:)
td0: Matheson to Trost to Walker
hemos: Wow - my great-granpda changed ours.
Nitrozac: what was it before/
hemos: Battjes
Nitrozac: is that Scandanavian?
hemos: Dutch.
SNiP: No
SNiP: My name is by far scandinavian..
tmr: my last name has 11 letters... I'm thinking of changing it to smith...
SNiP: Can't figure out why tho..
hemos: SNiP Aren't you Scandanavian?
SNiP: tmr : A. Smith ,, Agent Smith ;)
SNiP: hemos : Jup.
SNiP: Thats right.
SNiP: Danish to be exact,
* SNiP attempts to look like a viking, not really having a lot of luck..
tmr: heheh
hemos: Put the Hat on. It helps.
SNiP: Oh ok..
SNiP: I gotta go get some hors for it first..
SNiP: Hmm
SNiP: Only hat I have is a baseball cap with a red star on the front..
SNiP: And the letters KGB printed over the star :)
tmr: hmm thats not going to make you look like a viking
SNiP: I need like long hair too.
SNiP: And I supose I should have had blond hair, not red..
SNiP: Darn
Nitrozac: hors?
SNiP: I'll nevva be a viking.. :/
hemos: Long Hair is good.
BeDope: some vikings had red hair
SNiP: Jah
SNiP: I guess.
SNiP: But not as short as mine..
SNiP: they had like really long hair and stuff..
SNiP: And pony tails..
td0: lots of Scandinavians have red hair (myself included)
BeDope: perhaps you lost your long hair in a tragic hat mishap
hemos: And axes. The axes were important.
SNiP: Yeah..
SNiP: Oh yeah..
SNiP: All I have is a leatherman
hemos: That's pretty sharp.
danchez: don't forget the beard.
SNiP: Hehehe
Nitrozac: the viking look is pretty cool
td0: all I have is a Pilot precise V7 Rolling Ball pen
SNiP: td0 : Thoose can be pretty deadly..
td0: I know, I had to kill three people on my way to work today
SNiP: Hehehe
hemos: Wow - that's quite a memory. Do you liave in LA?
td0: nope, northern california
td0: :)
SNiP: tmr : I found a COOL car rental company..
hemos: How cool?
n|trox (no@ has joined the channel
SNiP: Frozen
Nitrozac: hi nitrox
* n|trox hails the AWE :)
hemos: ALl Hail AWE
SNiP: I forgot the URL tho..
SNiP: Have it at work.
n|trox: bedope, nitrozac, tmr, hemos, inging, chilli, CowboyNeal, grommit, HoopyCat, Otter, Presence, td0, trick .. hi!
n|trox: (have i forget some1?? ) :)
SNiP: No one important ;)
n|trox: hahahahha .. ok :)
n|trox: nitrozac: have u updated the page already today??
n|trox: :)
Nitrozac: yes
Nitrozac: back on my 3am schedule
hemos: Whew - my eyes hurt. Abacus Cameras.
n|trox: ok .. i'll look there then! ;)
* SNiP opens a letter..
SNiP: Oh my..
Nitrozac: where's that ROblimo
SNiP: 'mr. Larsen we lead your attention to the fact that your credit limit is passed.'
hemos: Across from me. Befuddled about wireless networking.
* hemos watchs Robin cursing.
SNiP: Which reminds me..
Nitrozac: Hemos blow him a kiss for me!
SNiP: I need to get some kindda rack for that anteanna thingy..
hemos: Um...dear Lord, no. Debbi's here. She's cute.
Nitrozac: kick him then
Nitrozac: kiss Debbie for me
hemos: Yeah, that sounds good. But I'll pass on kissing.
SNiP: Yeah me too.
BeDope: perhaps you can just kiss the abused press release hander-outer girls
Nitrozac: yeah!
Nitrozac: kiss Malda for me then
hemos: Dear Lord. You have no idea the things you ask.
tmr: hemos kiss anyone! =)
hemos: So, so, dirty.
BeDope: nitro: you seem quite frisky this morning!
* hemos kisses Nitrozac
Nitrozac: :)
tmr: hemos good choice good choice
SNiP: n|trox : so have you passed your base vampire training yet ?
BeDope: i didn't know this was one of them thar make-out parties
Nitrozac: BeDOpe, just trying to make some trouble in that wired booth of theirs
ircleuser ( has joined the channel
hemos: I have defense mechanisms.
Nitrozac: hi ircleuser!
ircleuser is now known as teleny
BeDope: hey there teleny
teleny: Hi Nitro!
Nitrozac: hi teleny
tmr: good mornin teleny
chromatic ( has joined the channel
ChanServ has opped chromatic
chromatic: Hi, everybody.
tmr: woop there he is
Nitrozac: So, Hemos, what's like on the floor?
hemos: Hey, guy.
Nitrozac: Chromatic!
BeDope: chromatic has broken through the wall!
teleny: Good afternoon from the right coast!
tmr: chromatic probobly went home =)
* chromatic broke through the wall by going home for lunch.
tmr: heheh
chromatic: What is going on here?
n|trox: snip: (sorry was away) yep! i'm about to end it :)
n|trox: chromatic , hi there!
hemos: Well, we're doing exorcisims.
chromatic: Howdy, n|trox.
teleny: IRL, Robert Half is sponsoring a talk by Linus.
chromatic: hemos, gotta get those abs in shape?
* SNiP ponders..
SNiP: I wonder how cool an Audi TT really is..
* BeDope awaits his "Body by Jake" AbRocker (tm)
chromatic: If you have to ask...
SNiP: Cool enough to pay a rental of allmost $180 a day ?
BeDope: snip: depends if your company is picking up the tab!
SNiP: Nope..
chromatic: What is Nitrozac doing?
SNiP: I don't think I could talk them into doing that..
chromatic: What is CowboyNeal doing?
CowboyNeal: I am idling.
CowboyNeal: well, not anymore.
chromatic: Not now!
* Nitrozac looking at the con floor
chromatic: Ooh, good idea.
* hemos smiles at picture.
CowboyNeal: hemos: urmordum
* BeDope looking at Nitrozac ;)
* Nitrozac looking at BeDope!
* BeDope looks at ceiling and whistles innocently
* n|trox looking at bedope looking at nitrozac
n|trox: :)
CowboyNeal: hemos: from the looks of things, you've got better back support at this conf. =)
chromatic: Is that a real woman in the picture?
* n|trox is trembling still from the arrival of Gates' NASA crawler
* tmr just idleing...
BeDope: so has the Geek set free BillG from his bathroom yet?
Nitrozac: where
Nitrozac: where's this picture?
chromatic: Corel booth, NZ.
Royster (murphy@ has joined the channel
tmr: nitrozac topic url
BeDope: also one outside the linuxmall picture
Nitrozac: oh, eh heh, I knew that, I was just testing you guys ;)
chromatic: Hmm, Slashdot people are even wearing pants. Must be a serious conference.
tmr: ooo more pictures at
hemos: They are made of plastic.
BeDope: the pants or the women?
chromatic: Plastic pants? You must be excited.
hemos: comment.
tmr: aha the woman are plastic I knew there was a catch...
SNiP: Hehe
chromatic: You guys prefer real women too? I thought I was the only one.
SNiP: No way..
BeDope: i prefer real women in plastic pants..
tmr: chr the plastic isn't as soft...
SNiP: RealDoll forever!!!! ;)
BeDope: oops, that was supposed to be a private /msg to nitrozac ;)
chromatic: You get to send her private messages? Gee!
BeDope: until the restraining order kicks in
Nitrozac: :)
chromatic: Ahh, i'm just advanced.
* Nitrozac oh look look at that tree!
n|trox: i'm watching the pics .. and it's nice to see that Linux-key keyboard!
Nitrozac: So Hemos, are you learnign new exciting things at the Showcase?
tmr: what dose the linux-key do?
hemos: Nitrozac: Eh - it's ok. Nothing new announced.
SNiP: Ok..
* SNiP breaks out the combat shotgun loaded with silver spikes..
tmr: snip thats wooden spikes...
Royster: Does anyone else think that Hemos looks like Garrison Keillor in the strip?
tmr: snip or a holy water squirt gun would do...
SNiP: tmr : Nono silver is fine too.
chromatic: Hemos is the love child of Garrison Keillor. Didn't you know?
Royster: I suspected as much.
BeDope: garrison keillor and who?
chromatic: Just Garrison Keillor.
tmr: asexual?
hemos: I'm Garrison Keillor.
chromatic: Yep.
BeDope: an amoeba-like reproduction?
Nitrozac: who's Garrison Keller
hemos: We split at age 25.
chromatic: He's a radio storyteller, NZ.
BeDope: host of "Prarie Home Companion" on NPR
BeDope: he also writes a writing/relationship/sex advice column on salon
chromatic: Obviously, Garrison got that part of his brain, right Hemos?
SNiP: Hehehehhehe
Royster: I can't imagine going to GK for sex advise. That's like going to Martha Stewart for computer advise.
Nitrozac: oooh, I'll have to check Mr Garrison
chromatic: Or for sex advice.
teleny: He did however, hang a whole PHC monologue on an inopportune erection.
Nitrozac: Martha Stewart is a computer genius
teleny: Todd Rundgren wrote an operating system, anything's possible.
chromatic: She singlehandedly invented the CD-ROM caddy doily...
BeDope: what is todd's os?
chromatic: And, thanks to her, I know that if you sprinkle a little bit of cloves in your rubbing alcohol, you can clean your keyboard AND give it a festive holiday smell all at the same time!
n|trox: haha, chromatic
teleny: Um, he's mostly a mac/amiga man, but sometime back in the 80's, he wrote some OS I can't remember the name of offhand.
tmr: Todd Rundgren
tmr: "A Wizard, A True Star." The
tmr: title of Todd Rundgren's 1973
tmr: solo album aptly sums up the
tmr: contributions of this
tmr: multi-faceted a
tmr: ech
tmr: sorry =)
* Presence is finally back from making my rounds
hemos: Laggy connection...
tmr: tod wrote: QUBE's 2-way operating system
* tmr brb
teleny: Thanks. I knew it was something like that.
SNiP: 'Are you braindead ? I'm not going in there with two jedi'
chromatic: 2-way? On and off?
chromatic: ping hemos: 56 data bytes
chromatic: 56 bytes from hemos: ttl=6 weeks
hemos: From the show floor is bogged.
chromatic: time: dont' ask
* td0 forgets that he no longer lives in Minnesota, so not everyone knows Garrison Keillor
chromatic: How about lutefisk?
* td0 gags
BeDope: td0: if you lived in Minnesota still we would all know who he is?
SNiP: What is a lutefisk ?
teleny: I'm a swede. Kottbullar for me.
chromatic: Fish Jell-O.
td0: BeD: not quite what I meant..:
teleny: cod in lye.
td0: :)
SNiP: Yuck
td0: raw
chromatic: It smells even worse than it sounds.
teleny: Pickled. Like sushi.
* td0 agrees, it smells
SNiP: Like sushi in winegum
teleny: Good desc.
Nitrozac: Are there any BeOS booths?
chromatic: Like a junior high school locker room.
teleny: hehehe!
SNiP: Heheh
td0: teleny: I'm a sede too, but we always called it lutefisk
SNiP: I'm off
chromatic: Bye, SNiP!
SNiP: Bye!
teleny: Ah. I was simply invoking iconic national food.
Royster: It's like haggis -- something to give the tourists while the naives snicker behind their hands.
SNiP has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
td0: hehe
teleny: Yeah, and reindeer and weird berries with lots of seeds.
* chromatic thought the tourists WERE the naives.
danchez has quit IRC (damn PHBs, have a meeting. later.)
td0: except that my grandfather, great-grandfather, great-grandmother, and uncle all eat lutefisk
chromatic: So, hemos, how about a game of Quake? I'm really bad, the lag probably won't hurt you much, heh heh.
teleny: Though I wouldn't turn down a "wolf paw" now and then.
hemos: Heh -I'd be slaughtered like the pig I am.
teleny: Oink. Double for me. Fragged in a second.
* chromatic makes a mental note -- don't piss off people who might recommend you.
chromatic: Hmm, look at all of those O'Reilly books...
* n|trox is roaming around the expo floor, hunting the TTB's .. again ...
td0: lunch time
td0: I don't think I'll be eating anything swedish though..:)
chromatic: I had a salad. Wheeeeee.
td0: although some leftsa would be good...
* Royster had a huge cup of cofee and a cigarette for lunch.
teleny: <grin>
* chromatic got a box of candy today.
Royster: But the filter is stuck between my teeth.
sprocket ( has joined the channel
chromatic: Good thing it wasn't the handle, Royster.
Nitrozac: chromatic from who?
chromatic: One of my users.
sprocket: Greetings...
chromatic: Her computer absolutely died a couple of weeks ago, and I got her a replacement. Sorta.
BeDope: he was the replacement ;)
Nitrozac: I think she likes you
* n|trox had two pork chops with chips
chromatic: Then I went up on the roof and drop-kicked her old computer all the way to the concrete factory across the street and down the hill.
hemos has quit IRC (lag
Royster: So, I really want to know why everyone isn't at work right now.
chromatic: hemos barely dodges chromatic's rocket
CowboyNeal: I am at work right now. =)
chromatic: Hi, sprocket!
BeDope: i'm working as i read
chromatic: CowboyNeal, wanna trade jobs?
chromatic: Or BeDope?
chromatic: or anyone?!?
CowboyNeal: never! ;)
chromatic: I'll give you a dollar...
n|trox: chromatic: wich job have u got?
n|trox: i have 3 to choose from
n|trox: so i can trade ;)
sprocket: Royster: I'm having lunch... kinda....
chromatic: I'm a Sit Around And Wait For Something To Break and then Reboot NT And Blame Microsoft guy.
chromatic: I like the Sit Around and Blame Microsoft parts...
sprocket: chromatic: Oooh. Do you work cheap? :)
chromatic: Nope. My Sitting Around fee is pretty high.
* Royster is flipping through Excel <gag> <spit> sheets with his left hand while typing on his Linux laptop with cell modem on the fight.
sprocket: Hehe.
sprocket: Oh well... no gov't contracts for you.
Royster: So, if I accidentally type in a number in the millions here, you'll know why.
n|trox: chromatic: i am currently doing something like that here .. but i do more things for a lower salary
n|trox: and in other job i do bussiness software
n|trox: and in the 3rd i do web design and programming
n|trox: :)
n|trox: choose one
chromatic: I'm supposed to do more things, but I fixed them all in a strange fit of efficiency a couple of weeks ago.
chromatic: I end up reloading Slashdot all day on my Linux box. That's why I thought about trading with CowboyNeal.
sprocket: Hmmm. I'm having a strange fit of "I need a vacation" - thus... having lunch at home. :P
tmr has changed the topic to "Hemos lag killed him! ALS pictures"
tmr has set the channel mode to "limit 78"
n|trox: i know .. sometimes it happens to me here too .. i must tame 3 Win 3.11 computers, two Win 95 (one with Win 3.11 too) and two Win 98 (one with Win NT 4.0 too) and also a Sun SparcStation
CowboyNeal: chromatic: heh. I end up reading it a lot too, but out of necessity, not want. :)
Arachnus ( has joined the channel
chromatic: Me too. It is necessary for me to stay awake!
sprocket: CowboyNeal: Yea, yea... sounds tough... :P
CowboyNeal: well, I actually code on the site, I don
CowboyNeal: don't just read it. =)
* chromatic is almost not worthy.
Presence: I did my job for the day: I wrote a 10-liner perl giz that parses incoming text into a csv. Weee! I'm ready to go home now.
chromatic: 10 lines? Bloatware!
Presence: I used comments. :^/
PING request from tmr:
chromatic: Did you use strict?
Presence: uhm.. no.. It always gives me messages when I do that. :)
chromatic: Bloatware!
sprocket: Now, now... he's just doing his part to increase "US Code Production"....
chromatic: We're on the verge of a punctuation shortage. Every line of Perl we can reduce will help.
Presence: hrm.. I'm looking at what I wrote.. I could shave off 3 lines if I tried.
sprocket: I blame it all on AOL. They're the ones hogging all the extra !'s and ?'s, etc, etc...
n|trox: i have coded a script in PHP3 recently .. it's on the web but its for spanish speaking ppl (a good level of spanish is required)
chromatic: That is why Nitrozac can't use euphemisms, you see? Not enough punctuation. It hit Canada hard earlier this year.
sprocket: Hmmm. Does bablefish count?
n|trox: it shows a dynamic questionnaire and uses cookies to keep track of how far are you unto it ... it does also a database update ...
Nitrozac: brb
BeDope: that's why i type all in lowercase - to counteract the capital letter shortage caused by aol
sprocket: Yea... but AOL tends to only use up R, U, M, and F....
chromatic: Don't forget a/s/l?
sprocket: (damn... babelfish doesn't translate AOL...)
Nitrozac: just getting a broom to clean up this booth a bit
sprocket: Save the pizza crumbs.
chromatic: Ahh, now we are sure that tmr is just paranoid! heh heh
Presence: man, I could really go for a pizza right now.
n|trox: btw, ppl ... what are you gonna dress next Halloween? (this is a quick poll) :)
chromatic: Hopefully a redhead.
Presence: just going in my ren-faire garb
sprocket: Displaying this year's RenFair garb.
teleny has left the channel
sprocket: Does an amazing job of keeping older kids from the little one's stash.
chromatic: Well, back to the office. Think of me, all of you who are allowed to sleep at work... *sigh* Maybe I'll do some Perl.
n|trox: bye chromatic! have a nice working day!
sprocket: Enjoy, chromatic...
chromatic: Bye!
chromatic has left the channel
sprocket: Hmm. I can see my office from my back window - should be there now.
sprocket: Maybe if I SSH in to my workstation, I'll feel better. :)
whadafuk ( has joined the channel
sprocket: It's kinda like being there - but I'm just not physically available to discuss why Word just crashed... ;)
Nitrozac: Am I lagging?
PING request from sprocket:
PING request from n|trox:
sprocket: (shrug)
n|trox: [Nitrozac PING reply]: 16 seconds
n|trox: just a bit away from here
Nitrozac: that's lagged
sprocket: PING reply from Nitrozac: 1.168 seconds
PING request from trick:
sprocket: (...arrrgh... the guilt.. can't... hold... on... must go back...)
Royster: Real life drags me back.
Royster: See yuz guys.
Royster has quit IRC (xchat exiting..)
n|trox: well seems all ppl are leaving now ...
sprocket: Whelp... after some moral dilemma, I've decided to not simply ignore it with Quake. Instead... I'm going back to the office. (sigh).
n|trox: ... and so am i
sprocket: Hehe.
sprocket: 'Course... I'll be keeping the session open and picking it back up at the office. :)
n|trox: see u bedope, Inging, Nitrozac,tmr, Arachnus, Chilli, CowboyNeal, Grommit, HoopyCat, maswan, Otter, Presence, sprocket, td0, trick, whadafuk ... bye!!!!!!
CowboyNeal: later n|trox...
sprocket: Its not as fun as Quake... but its less karma damaging.
sprocket: Later n|trox
Nitrozac: by torx
n|trox: hehe tx!
n|trox has left the channel
Nitrozac: so are real exps boring?
whadafuk has left the channel
* Presence shrugs... never been to one.
drdink ( has joined the channel
drdink: never fear, I am here
Nitrozac: hi drdink
drdink: hello
Grommit: privet, drdink
CowboyNeal: 'lo drdink
drdink: hello Grommit, had any more runins with RMS?
drdink: crazy infobots :P
Nitrozac: grommit gives me the creeps
drdink: fifo is better :P
BeDope: me too. kind of just sits there until it can pretend to be a real person
BeDope: kind of like tmr ;)
Presence: heh
Presence: grommit on slashnet is set to only listen... :^/
Nitrozac: I thought it was real then it bugged poor RMS
Presence: Yeah, that was really embarrasing when I read the logs.
Presence: Thats why I muzzled him.
Presence: grommit, wakeup
Grommit: Ok, Presence, I'll start talking.
Presence: then we say something like:
CowboyNeal: que tal
Presence: hello
Grommit: que tal, Presence
CowboyNeal: niihau
fifo ( has joined the channel
drdink: ha ha
Presence: and the bot speaks and interacts. but I don't want that here :)
drdink: run!
CowboyNeal: niihau, fifo.
fifo: bonjour, CowboyNeal
drdink: fifo: stats
fifo: Since Sat Oct 9 04:08:16 1999, there have been 0 modifications and 274 questions. I have been awake for 5 days, 10 hours, 56 minutes, 17 seconds this session, and currently reference 13362 factoids. Addressing is in require mode.
Nitrozac: grommit sleep
Grommit: sleep is g00d
Presence: grommit, status?
Grommit: Since Wed Oct 13 09:02:28 1999, there have been 1 modifications and 4 questions. I have been awake for 1 day, 3 hours, 2 minutes, 12 seconds this session, and currently reference 2560 factoids. Addressing is in optional mode.
Nitrozac: grommit goodbye
Presence: whoa, fifo has ALOT of factoids!! wow!
drdink: he's a freshmeat index
drdink: fifo: where is gcalc
fifo: no idea, drdink
drdink: fifo: where is gnome-pim
fifo: i don't know, drdink
drdink: blah
drdink: fifo: where is bash
fifo: bash is at
Grommit: i think bash is trying to
Presence: red pill?
Grommit: rumour has it red pill is not something we should try
Presence: blue pill?
Grommit: blue pill is fine. The truth is NOT out there.
drdink: fifo: x to spanish Grommit is my poor underling
Grommit: drdink: Grommit es mis pobres underling
fifo: drdink: :(
drdink: Grommit: shh
drdink: :P
CowboyNeal: hahaha
tmr: hmm
drdink: fifo: x to spanish tmr is insane
fifo: drdink: el tmr es insano
Grommit: drdink: el tmr es insano
CowboyNeal: "battle of the bots"
Presence: grommit, shutup
Grommit: Sorry, Presence, I'll keep my mouth shut.
Presence: there. :)
drdink: fifo: shutup
fifo: Sorry, drdink, I'll keep my mouth shut.
Nitrozac: well, grommit isn't all bad, I guess
tmr: hehe
drdink: fifo: seen hemos
fifo: I haven't seen 'hemos', drdink
Grommit: hemos was last seen on IRC 38 minutes and 16 seconds ago, saying: Heh -I'd be slaughtered like the pig I am. [Thu Oct 14 11:28:25 1999]
drdink: fifo: seen cmdrtaco
fifo: cmdrtaco was last seen on IRC 5 hours, 47 minutes and 44 seconds ago, saying: <-- Rob needs a tetrinet fix ;) [Thu Oct 14 09:19:00 1999]
Grommit: I haven't seen 'cmdrtaco', drdink
tmr: more bots for us to kick around =)
Nitrozac: fifo: seen nitrozac
fifo: nitrozac was last seen on IRC 0 seconds ago, saying: fifo: seen nitrozac [Thu Oct 14 15:07:18 1999]
Grommit: nitrozac was last seen on IRC 0 seconds ago, saying: fifo: seen nitrozac [Thu Oct 14 12:07:19 1999]
drdink: ha
Presence: infobots keep in a temp db who's talked to them recently, and will respond to them... so after another 2 minutes, grommit will stop offering replies to people.
drdink: fifo: seen jeff
fifo: jeff was last seen on IRC 14 hours, 35 minutes and 52 seconds ago, saying: thumbs through his UF book [Thu Oct 14 00:32:11 1999]
Grommit: I haven't seen 'jeff', drdink
SeeFood (~ira@ has joined the channel
Nitrozac: hi seefood
tmr: howdy seefood
SeeFood: howdy!
drdink: fifo: what is your favorite site?
fifo: Why, it is, of corse!
* drdink runs
SeeFood: the subject says it all I guess :-)
maswan: Hi people
tmr: heya maswan
Nitrozac: gotta go guys, must pack shirts
Nitrozac: :)
tmr: seefood: he signed of the lag was unbearable on his end.
Nitrozac: see ya!
maswan: bye NZ