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The Y2K Apocalypse destroyed civilization... hey, shit happens! Now let's get on with computing!

Take real control of your operating system with the power of an abacus! There's nothing like the feel of a finely tuned machine in your hands!

Abacus World Expo is the premiere event for the new breed of geek supporters, investors and those interested in the abacus system. Hosted in a cartoon universe with real events in cyberspace, the knowledge shared at this event will reinvent the way we view our technology... After Y2K!

There's an amazing line-up of cartoon and real guests! It's going to be the best Abacus World Expo ever!

Check out the winners of the Beadie Awards!
Your votes were cast, and the winners presented their Beadies at a gala cartoon ceremony ... After Y2K!

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After Y2K

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